Monday, August 8, 2016

Carolina's Orchid

She is more than a friend. She is a sister to me. She has been even more (a sister) since my own passed away last year. Of course, no one can be replaced. But sometimes a "surrogate" can help ease us through the most horrible of moments. AND share the most beautiful ones.

Carolina is that sister.

I painted this for her a while back and asked her to take a photo after she'd hung it. This is the result of that request.

I couldn't be more pleased, or honored, or happy about her gorgeous choice of frames, and location, and the love she showered on me when she received the painting.

I'm sharing it to spread the Joy. And the Love. And the great Gratitude I feel for her and her friendship.

Life IS a grand and glorious adventure.

Don't you think?

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