Friday, August 5, 2016

REAL Courage ~

The following is an excerpt from the Tom Robbins novel, Another Roadside Attraction. I've posted this before, and now, again. Because I believe that too many people throw the word around mindlessly. I believe that what we often call "courage" is nothing more than somebody doing some foolish thing, whether for fame or glory, without a thought to what may ensue as a result of their foolishness.

Also, I believe there are many who display REAL courage, day after day, and never once receive the gratitude and appreciation for their selfless acts. They put themselves on the line, day after day, knowing the dangers, yet still follow their giant hearts without ever expecting a thing in return. I am speaking of the many who wear uniforms, whether they be soldiers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, or teachers. THEY are the people who acknowledge their fear, and do it anyway. They are the people who understand what real courage is.

This is for them.

" you risked your life, but what else have you ever risked?
  Have you ever risked disapproval?
  Have you ever risked a belief?
  There is nothing particularly courageous in risking one's life. So you lose it. You go to your hero's
  heaven and everything is milk and honey til the end of time, right? You get your reward and suffer
  no earthly consequences.
  That's not courage.
  Real courage is risking something that might force you to rethink your thoughts.
  And suffer change.
  And stretch consciousness.
  Real courage is risking one's cliches."

Thank you, to all the many who offer their courage so that we might live safer, happier, healthier lives. And...thanks to Tom Robbins, for the decades of thought-provoking words that still inspire me.

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