Thursday, August 4, 2016

Can. You. Hear. Me. Now.

Ya'll KNOW I love my computer. And the technology that is rampant in our time. Truly. I do. What you may not have garnered (yet) is that I am also a BIG fan of actual communication. As in... SPEAKING to each other.

Oh. Big surprise there.

See, the thing is...sometimes (more often than you even realize) shit gets all kinds of crossed up, mixed up, misconstrued, and otherwise not heard as it was intended when one is using text messages or emails to "communicate".

Mostly, it makes me crazy.

I am of the mind that texts/emails are best used for those curt, unemotional relays...that need no explanation. Like...

"I'm running late. Be there soon."


"Leaving now. See you in 15."


"You're a jerk. Leave me alone."

In other words, PERFECT for anything that needn't be explained.

As for all the rest. Not so much.

There are only a few people on the Planet who "hear" me when I write. And even they, at times, do not hear the tone I intend to convey when I text/email them. Sometimes, you just gotta have that voice to actually hear what is being said. And even then, sometimes, it gets all mixed up. If you can't see my eyes, you may not hear what I'm saying. Communication is more visual than it is auditory.

Just ask your dog.

So, the idea that we can use a text message to hold a conversation is, to me, completely absurd.


Do you really think it saves time?

Do you really believe that texting, particularly something super-important, isn't worth the phone call?

Do. You. Really. Need. Those. Extra. Seconds?

I'm just saying....people think they're "saving time", when in actuality, they're wasting time on ridiculously unnecessary emotions. Just pick up the phone, for Pete's sake! You're NOT saving time if you misconstrue any message. Mostly what you're doing is wasting energy on unwarranted emotions that could have been avoided.

If you'd just


Ah, yes. Ain't Life GRAND?

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