Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Howl

In the Howl
there is a Whisper.
The Whisper is your Truth.

~C.O. Strate

Monday, September 18, 2017

Serenity Path

I must have hit a nerve. Or, rather, a BUNCH of nerves. Because my readership skyrocketed after I posted "Highly Sensitive Beings". While it's a bit surprising, it isn't. I'm guessing, though, that it has as much to do with the many HSBs on this Planet as it does the need for some semblance of ease. I suppose people are trying not to freak out, what with all the tragic loss of life and the "natural disasters" of late, not to mention the ever-increasing division that has come to the front and center of a nation under duress. But I don't believe this is just a "national" thang. The whole world seems to be in flux, and, for anyone who has such keen sensitivities, it makes for one whopper of a pill to swallow.

I'm not going to repeat what's already been said. You may, if you wish, click on the link (above) and read that before going further. OR, you may just read on here and forgo the previous meandering. Either way, today is about TODAY. In my world, that means another opportunity to find the Joy that abounds. So...

Right now, as I sit before this laptop and listen to the sounds around me, I am hearing the soft rush of water from the pool's waterfall. There is a bird that is singing a song of three notes, the exact same three notes, over and over again. I think it's the Mockingbird that makes its home in the tree right in front of my office window. The "tune" is the whistle call my neighbors make when calling their little dogs to come inside. Over and over and over again, those same three notes.

The wind chimes are intermittent, the sound of church bells in Florence. They bring me right back to that first morning I woke there, just a block from Il Duomo di Firenze, all those years ago. I swore I'd bring that sound home with me. I didn't stop looking until I found the chimes that now hang right outside my back door, large and long and a near-perfect replica of those church bells.

Sophie is snoozing under the bed, safe in her Puppy Cave. All I can see are her fluffy little feet, poking out from 'neath the bed skirt. Her snoring is soft, but adorably audible.

Right now, at this very moment, all is right with the world. Serenity Path is a place. A real place. The place I have made my home. In a world gone mad, and loud, and tragic, here is where I do my part to bring just a little calm.

And Joy.

And Love.

Me thinks the world could use more of all those things.

You're welcome.

{giggles...and a mischievous grin}

Friday, September 15, 2017

Lessons From The Critters

Some prefer a Tarot deck. Others look to their bible. Still others prefer to consult tea leaves or astrological charts or colorfully clad gypsy women. All perfectly beautiful ways to seek meaning and clarity in one's daily adventures.

I lean to Animals. I have always found their company more akin to my own energy. Since I was a small child, I had an enormous capacity for feeling them. I remember, quite vividly, screaming at my cousins when they would torture snakes and birds and other creatures they'd captured in our yard. I would run to my mother and "tattle" on them, pleading with her to make them stop. I'm sure they hated me for it. I didn't care.

To this day, I have a strong connection to The Creatures {Critters, in my lingo}. All of them. Although I have my "favorites" there isn't a single genus I find even remotely distasteful. Unless we're talking about parasites. But then, I don't put them in the same category as "Critters".

But I digress.

One of my favorite finds is a book by Jamie Sams, a Native American woman who shares the teachings of various Tribes throughout the world. The book is called, simply, "Medicine Cards". It came with a set of cards, much like a Tarot deck. Each card has a beautiful illustration of an Animal, and in the book, a correlating description/story of this Animal and its meaning. Most of the stories begin with the teachings of The Elders, as they relate to the Animal's gifts. A fascinating and illuminating way to see each Creature. Each one has something to teach us. If we will listen. Some would call it "divination". I see it as a way to learn more about my Self by way of my connection to The Critters.

Besides all's FUN!


Any time I come across a Critter that is a bit out of my "norm", like that beautiful snake a few weeks back or, more recently, the tarantula that made itself comfy on my bathroom vanity the other night, I go to my Medicine Cards book and look up that Critters' lessons. It's a way for me to spread my wings. And prevent stale thinking. And stretch consciousness. AND have some fun!

{The snake who came to visit... a non-venomous California King who does a fine job of catching the rodents who make a mess in my tool shed.}

{The tarantula that parked itself on my bathroom vanity, apparently to find a bit of water. Or maybe it liked my soap. Another quite harmless Critter, although a bit of a startler when one is not expecting it. He was quite cooperative when I trapped him under a bowl and walked him outside. Praise Pan!}

Now....I'm guessing that there may be a few of you who think I'm out of my mind. The fact that I would get close enough to photograph that snake or capture a tarantula to walk it outside to safety may be a little more than you might be able to brave. But here's the thing: I LOVE them. ALL of them. And unless a Critter is going to do harm to my dog, or myself, I will do everything in my power to bring it to safety and let it BE. Why shouldn't I? They deserve to live as much as any of us do. AND...they were here first.

The reason I began this whole missive was twofold. I wanted to share with you Jamie's book AND a little about the way that Critters affect my world. BECAUSE if we are to spread our wings, and stretch consciousness, and BE who we are, we must first identify what works for us. And then...DO THAT. 

Wishing you MORE of all that you ARE.


P.S. Jamie has a wonderful website, as well as several other books available for your learning pleasure. You can find her books on Amazon, as well as various other used books sites. She also has quite a selection of gatherings, workshops, etc., should you be so inclined.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Love Keeps Them Alive

It seems true, what "they" say: that LOVE is what keeps those we've lost alive. In our hearts, they're still here. In our minds, they're as alive as they were when they were walking the Planet. In memories and stories and photographs and dreams, they remain with us, no matter the time or distance or circumstance.

Because "alive" isn't just about being not dead.

I know plenty of people who are walking around this Planet, going through the motions, sucking oxygen and gulping food and taking up space, who are anything but "alive". Those sorry Souls who have forgotten, or, perhaps, never realized that there's more to Life than a paycheck and a fancy car. These people are not living. They're merely trudging through, waiting for whatever it is they think will make their lives worth living.

No. These people are not "alive".

And then there are those who, even after they exit this plane, are as alive as they were when they walked the Earth. Their Hearts were (are) so full of Love that even after they leave, they're still present. You know that ones. The ones who we can't seem to forget, no matter how long ago it was that we last saw them. No matter how many years pass, they are still HERE.

My sister, Cricket, is one of those.

Today is her birthday. And, regardless of her having moved on from this place, she is still here. It's been more than two years, but still I feel her. I hear her voice. I see her around me, almost every day. Her presence was (is) so large that even in her mortal absence, she is not absent.

So, for this day, I will sing her the birthday song (in Italian, of course) and celebrate her Life. The one that affected so many people. The one that left such a deep mark on this world that it seems impossible that she'll ever really "die". She won't. Not Cricket. Cricket will live for as long as there are people who were touched by her enormous Love.

Maybe even longer.

Buon Compleano, Sorella Mia.
I love you to the Stars and Beyond ~~~

{still my favorite picture of her}

Monday, September 11, 2017

Highly Sensitive Beings

In light of recent events on our Mighty Blue Orb, it has become especially apparent (to me) that those of us who are {what other folks like to call} "too sensitive" may be overwhelmed with energy. Not the kind of energy that makes you want to climb Everest. Rather, the kind of energy that can crush you like a bug under a giant's foot. It feels like you cannot breathe. It feels like your brain is about to explode. It FEELS way too much. And it can be awfully tough to handle. That is, unless you realize that your ultra sensitive Self is as strong as it is sensitive.

Highly Beings, (HSBs, from here on out), are often the brunt of jokes and abuse and misunderstandings. Often, an HSB will attempt to compensate for her/his sensitivity; they might wear a bravado that is unwarranted. Or use a big voice. Or pretend to be something they are not. These defense mechanisms are merely an attempt to protect the HSB from the often callous Humans who cannot see that the masks are merely that: MASKS. HSBs will sometimes run from the world, simply because they cannot bear the weight of their emotional "gifts". Because, as often as not, they are NOT gifts at all. They are the bane of existence to those who feel so deeply.

Given that there is so much suffering brought to our attention these days, what with a media that prefers sensationalism over truth, and nearly every Human with a "smart phone" thinking that maybe they can grab their 15 minutes of fame, inundation makes for even more weight on such sensitive souls. Not an easy cross to bear.

So...I thought today might be a good day to remind those of you who are feeling overwhelmed to take a few steps back. Step away from the news and the intrusions of a world gone mad. Turn off your gadgets. Lock the doors. Hide, if you must. And gather your Self. The one that is strong and resilient and hopeful. The one that gives you the power to be who you are. Gather that Self and treat it to a day (or five!) of pampering. Ignore the rest of the world. It's okay. You are allowed. In the name of self-preservation. Because if YOU don't, who will?

I know it's hard. I know it hurts. I know you think you may never find your Joy again. But I promise you: You WILL. It WILL get better. It WILL pass. You CAN go on. And you must. Because the WORLD NEEDS YOU. The world is better for having you in it. You are a rare and beautiful flower whose beauty can heal and nourish and scatter Joy like no other.

Yes. I'm talking to YOU.

Hold on to your Joy. It is there, in your heart. It will guide you, if only you allow it.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

thought for this day...

Commit to Kindness.
Promise your Self
that no matter WHAT
Kindness will prevail.
At the end of this day
check in with your
Does it feel
feel different?

Just for TODAY.
Commit to KINDNESS.

{and, perhaps, after you check in with your Self, and feel the difference, you may wish to commit, again, tomorrow. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, 'k?}

Saturday, September 2, 2017


I love this woman. Always have. Always will. She is who I always wanted to be. Really. Now that I've come to terms with who I am, and love ME for who I am, I'm okay with saying this. But, so as not to get all off track (as I am wont to do...), I'm just going to post this link and advise you...

You DO want to watch this.

Pink {to her daughter...}