Saturday, February 10, 2018


Take the 18 minutes to watch this. I PROMISE you won't be sorry.

Cheers to you on this fine and fabulous Saturday.

Monday, January 29, 2018

when we were kids

Nothin' says 'happy' like kids playing. Romping about with nary a care in the world. In pajamas.

Big kids too. When we're wearing pajamas, something inside us kicks in and the child we are seems to bubble up and help us relax. As if just by wearing those cozy garments, we can shed the masks we wear by day...and just BE.

{Aside: I tried to find a video for "big kids pajama party" and was hit with a barrage of clips just this side of porn. So sad.}

But this isn't about pajamas. Or goats. Or the lack of big kids' pajama parties on YouTube.

{Aside #2: If you're somebody who's looking for YouTube fame, here's your chance.}

What it is about is how Big Kids have forgotten how easily they can engage their imaginations to ease themselves out of stress and back into Flow. Because if I've learned anything in the last ten years, it's this:

One can NOT find Flow when one is wrought with Stress.
It just ain't gonna happen.
It is an actual impossibility.
Your brain won't let you, no matter how hard you try.
This I know for sure.

Short of getting into some long-winded missive on all this, knowing what I know about attention spans these days, I'm simply going to leave you with this:

What IF, rather than wallowing in whatever it is that's troubling you, you go put on your coziest pajamas and have a pillow fight. Or make some S'mores. Or erect a make-shift tent from sheets and blankets right there in your living room and read something fun by the light of a candle.

{Aside #3: just PLEASE don't burn the house down!}

Engage your imagination and PLAY. Play yourself into a giggle-fit. Laugh until the tears roll down your face and you're snortin' through your nose. Have some hot chocolate with gobs of whipped cream. Dunk some Oreos.
And for Pete's sake...turn off your phone, computer, and any semblance of "news"!

Engage your IMAGINATION.

{Last Aside: Let me know how you sleep tonight.}