Wednesday, August 10, 2016

All Else Is Clutter

I saw something today that got me to thinking about the term "reality". Thought now might be a terrific time to muse on the matter, in case someone needs a nudge.

It has become annoyingly apparent that there are people on this planet who would rather stare down at their phones than be part of the world around them. Just recently I did a little experiment (and you know how I love my experiments!). Whilst I was running errands, I started counting the number of people walking on the various streets I traveled. Of those, I counted how many were actually watching where they walked compared to those who were staring at their phones as they walked. I did this several times over the course of two weeks.

{As to why I would do such an experiment, the simple answer is: because I'm curious like that.}

The numbers were startling. More than EIGHTY PERCENT of the people I saw were completely unaware of their surroundings. They were so engrossed in their gadgets they were walking into signs and falling of curbs. It was shocking to me that none of them were hit by cars. I kid you NOT.

Then, today, I saw this comment from a darling woman who wondered aloud why it is that it's "socially acceptable" for people to wear a Virtual Reality headset or chase Pokeman all over town, yet unacceptable for someone to wave a magic wand and talk to faeries. She seemed a bit disturbed by this inequity; I felt her angst the moment I read the words.

It got me to thinking about all this "technology vs. spirituality" stuff. My immediate response to the woman was to offer some gentle words to remind her that "reality" is a personal thing.

Kinda like religion.

Ask anyone who believes in a god, and they'll give you a thousand reasons why theirs is the only god. They may even be able to quote their holy book, chapter and verse. But ask them why they believe it, and most couldn't tell you.

Flip side: ask anyone who swears by their technology and most will tell you, "it makes life easier or better or more efficient". As with religious zealots, they can give you reasons that may seem logical, but they couldn't tell you how or why it's improved their lives.

{Keep in mind, these are general observations. They do not apply to ALL people. There is a point to be made, hence the "general observations".}

And the point is this:

Comparisons will kill ya. Comparisons will cause great distress when one is unhappy with one's current circumstance. Comparisons fuel bitterness. Bitterness will keep you from flying.

That is, if you happen to believe in flying.

In the end, the only "reality" that matters is the one you create, the one you believe, the one you choose to live.

All else is just unnecessary clutter.

It also keeps you from your Joy.

{Please remember: you DO have a choice.}

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