Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cowgirl UP!

T'was not so long ago that this was a part of my life. A huge part. I had the great fortune of meeting some folks many years earlier who became two of my biggest fans. That was back when I was performing in some of the smaller local venues in the Puget Sound area. I had a day job as a barista at a little place that was owned by a guy who really liked the idea of promoting local talent. So I'd make coffee by day and play by night. Good gigs both. That's where I met the couple who would eventually change my life. That is, they had horses, as well as a ten acre piece of heaven with a four stall barn and room for "extras". When Jack came across the horse that would be mine, he called me to come meet him. The horse was a bit "mouthy" and not the least bit kindly toward Two-Leggeds (Humans). For good reason. He'd been untouched for the better part of his thirteen years. The woman who had him was more interested in his kindly mama; she never rode the little guy. When his mama died, she tried to reconnect. He wanted nothing to do with her or her saddles, bits, reins, lessons, shoes or rules. So every time she tried to approach him, he'd rear and kick and bite and go a little cuckoo. Who could blame him?

To shorten this story just a bit, the woman finally called Jack who had to walk the poor critter seven miles to his own house because the critter would not have anything to do with loading onto a trailer. Two weeks later, I got the call. Why this man thought I was the person for this particular horse still remains a bit of a mystery to me. He told me that he'd had a talk with his "tribe" and was directed to "Qwanee". That is the Sioux word for "spirit guide". And that is what he always called me. Again, a bit of a mystery. But...I trusted this man to the nth degree and decided to go have a look at the horse.

To say that it was love at first sight is a grand understatement. For both of us. He just took an instant liking to me and I to him. From that moment on, I was his person. Shortly after our meeting, I was up on his back. No saddle, no bit. Just me and him and a prayer. I just couldn't bare the idea of putting a bit in his mouth. I suspect the reason he was so gentle with me was that I was so gentle with him. He never balked. Not once. He was as patient and funny and awesome a horse as I ever knew. And he taught me that when one follows one's instincts, one is usually rewarded far beyond one's imagination. Ours was a match made in  heaven and I still cherish every moment we had together.

Now, the reason I bring all this up today is that it has been an eternity since I rode. For reasons I'd rather not get into, I just haven't. Physical limitations and other circumstances led me to this abstinence. I still have his lead and halter in my truck. I refuse to give them up. Even though he has gone on to other adventures, I believe with the whole of my Being that I will ride again. And now, it seems, that dream may be closer than I thought. Hence this particular meandering. In life is about to change in a HUGE way.

Before I share what those changes are, I am going to offer this up and then take my leave. Because the truth is, it doesn't really matter why or how or what. What matters is that I have stood in this place of trust and unyielding belief for the past six+ years and now that belief is bringing me to my vision. Because I never stopped trusting that the gods would bring me back 'round to the things I love most, I am about to live them. And because of the love and support of so many people in my world, I take this grand adventure without fear or doubt. In essence, those things that we see in our minds, even when we cannot see them "in reality" (what a stupid word), those things are ours for the living. If only we will ignore the nay-sayers and continue on in our stubborn, tenacious way.

This I know for sure.

Do you?

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