Thursday, February 11, 2016

Through My Friend's Eyes

I have a dear friend, a photographer who is a master with his camera. He travels all 'round the world, hunting. With a camera. He hunts for the beauty that we would otherwise not see were it not for his expeditions. His work is as remarkable as his heart. And because of him, I have my dream back. I told you about him in November (2014) when I spoke of The Colt and how he reached through the screen and grabbed my heart. The photograph that sits atop this Blog is also one of Ken's. It is a picture of The Colt with his family of Mustangs, out in the wild, doing what horses do. Be horses. Since meeting Ken, and receiving my copy of The Colt,  I have watched in wonder as my world has changed. These changes are, in large part, because of Ken Archer.

This piece is my gesture to him. To thank him for the beauty he brings to the world. For his friendship and his unyielding encouragement. It is a testament to the remarkable Human that is Ken Archer. (you can view his work HERE)

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