Thursday, March 3, 2011

arguing your limitations???

I'll be the first to admit that there are still some occasions when I argue my limitations. It's quite the curious thing to me. That I would argue about why I can't do this or I can't have that. Very curious indeed. Especially given the fact that I am a devout believer in Anything Is Possible. So why in the world would I argue my limitations? It makes no sense whatsoever; yet, still I find myself doing just that. {I can happily report that I don't do it nearly as often as I once did. I'm much too aware of that icky feeling now. But...there's a point here...}

And here it is:

Let's say a friend calls you up and says, "Hey! Let's go on a road trip! We could cruise to the Grand Canyon and hang out for a few days. Whaddya say?"

To which you might respond, "Gee. That sounds terrific. BUT I don't have any money at the moment. So I "can't" right now."

And then you might launch into all the reasons why you don't have any money right now. You'll explain, justify, and give great detail about your "current financial circumstances". You are, in essence, arguing your limitations.

How could this possibly help? How could this ever change "what is" to "what I want"?

It can't. Not on any level. The more you stay stuck in that "story", the more you live it. It would be impossible for you to move past any of it until you change two things:  how you perceive your world, AND how you feel about it.

From all prior "experiments" I've done, I know without question that the way to change something is to SEE IT, FEEL IT, KNOW IT first. I can say this with deep confidence because I've done it. Lots and lots of times. Trying to figure out the "hows" is completely counterproductive. It is not our 'job' to figure out "how". That's a job for the Universe. Our job is to decide what we want, take the time to actually "go there" and then relax. Trusting that the Universe ALWAYS delivers, we can let it go and just watch with eager anticipation as it all unfolds. There is no need to DO anything else. Relax and watch the unfolding. Like a kid on Christmas Eve. Excited because you just KNOW that Santa is going to deliver. No fear. No doubt. No "but what if....". Just absolute confidence that ol' Santa is gonna show up and leave the loot under the tree.

Which brings us right back to the arguing limitations thing. It's like you're stuck in some kind of endless loop of "what is" without ever realizing you're putting yourself there. As in: it is all YOUR doing. You're the one who's playing that retched tape that plays the same crap over and over. What you may not realize is that you have the power to snatch that sucker out of the player and replace it with something different. And the best part about that? You DO NOT HAVE TO JUSTIFY WHY YOU DID IT. You don't have to justify ANYTHING you do. Not the red shoes you put on this morning or the sexy black bra you have on under your Lady Gaga t-shirt or the purple streaks you put in your hair last time you were having a bad hair day. There isn't a single thing you need justify to anyone; so why in the world would you argue your limitations?

It's just plain crazy.

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