Wednesday, March 16, 2011

and the answer is....

WOWZA! That last post sure did stir the pot! Lots of folks responded with some very interesting thoughts. On all counts it appeared that they gave great thought to the question. BRAVO! And thank you ALL for your participation. Great fun for me all the way around. I am deeply moved by your willingness to share. THANK YOU!

As for my own answer: quite a few asked me to 'reveal' and I have no qualms about doing so. After all, the whole purpose of the question was to inspire each of us to look inside and really dig for what matters most. As I mentioned previously, I had enough time to think about it, but not so much time as to allow my logic to talk me out of anything. In other words, the perfect amount of time to let the instincts kick in. And most of you already know that I'm BIG on instincts. But enough with the stalling....

My response was: a pill that would remove ALL doubt.

Allow me to elaborate:

In my world, doubt is the one thing that causes the biggest challenge. There is a part of me that 'believes' I am capable of anything. I have the power to change anything I want, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, tangible, etc. But a belief is not the same as a knowing. To me, there is a vast difference. A belief is simply a thought you think over and over until it embeds itself in your mind. But a knowing....well, that's got nothing to do with your mind. A knowing is something that reaches all the way down to the very core of your Being; all the way to the cells of your body and out beyond the furthest reaches of what can be seen. A knowing is something so much larger than a belief...

Here's what I mean:

Have you ever had a moment when you were faced with a challenge and for some 'unknown reason', you just KNEW what to do? You had no "proof" for your response or your reaction. You had no previous experience to refer to. You had absolutely no idea why you knew what to do, you just knew.

This is the epitome of a knowing. As opposed to a belief. Because beliefs change...all the time. But a knowing is something that we have taken with us into this physical form we now occupy. It is a true connection to All That Is. It is the knowing of everything that has ever been. In those moments when we tap into that Source, there is NO DOUBT. There is no fear. There is no hesitation.

We just KNOW.

I've been graced with moments like these many times in my life. It is in those moments I remember who I really am. I remember my limitless power. I remember that there is nothing for me to fear or worry over. I remember that everything is a result of my own thoughts...and I CAN do or be or have anything I want.

The flip-side of that is the doubt. Haven't you ever noticed how much differently things are when you are in full confidence? How, no matter what it is you're dealing with, when you are in full confidence it is all so easy and fun? The way that you hold yourself, and the energy that flows through you is like a bolt of electricity that makes you feel all frisky and unstoppable. Do you know that feeling?

That is the feeling one has when there is NO DOUBT. It is that unshakable confidence that tells you you're as powerful as the whole of the Universe. Kinda like when you were a kid and you wanted to try the high dive. Your mama was hollerin' at you, "NO! YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF! IT'S TOO HIGH!"

But you didn't have a doubt in your mind that you could do it. You didn't think about hurting yourself or messing up or not being able to do it. You just wanted the thrill of that dive and you went for it in all your doubt-free glory. THAT is what I'm talking about.

I love that feeling. I love the knowing that no matter what, I am going to feel the thrill of it all. And so, my pill would remove all I would never question myself ever again.

Just think of all the things that would change were we to remove ALL DOUBT!

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