Monday, March 14, 2011

if you could take a pill....

Top 'O the mornin', Ya'll ~ Please pardon my absence. I have been immersed and distracted; that is all I will say about that. Today is a new day and I am in full swing once again. I have missed my time with you...and yes, it feels that way to me. When I write, I am with you and you are with me. Goofy, perhaps. But true nonetheless.


A while back I posed this question to give everyone a nudge to take pause. It was not my question to begin with. Rather it was a question a friend had asked whilst we were on our way to see the fireworks in our lovely little village. The car was full to capacity with people, picnic baskets and lounge chairs for our viewing pleasure. As we rode, she asked this question:

"If you could take one pill, knowing without question that it would change ONE thing in your life forever, what would it be?"

I thought it one of the best questions I'd ever heard. Immediately, my mind began racing. What would I change that would directly affect every single thing in my world? What would I want to change that would ripple out and then change everything else?

Luckily, I had a few minutes to come up with my answer because I was on the far side of the car. There would be 3 people ahead of me. Time enough to give it considerable thought; not enough time to let my 'logic' get in the way of my instincts. Time enough to go from curiosity to giggles. And since I was so focused on my own 'answer', I did not hear the responses of the others. Probably a good thing too. The car was loaded with 'nay-sayers'. Not really my cup of tea, if ya know what I mean. I sit here, remembering that moment and my response, and also wondering if I would give the same answer today. Which is why I'm bringing it up again. I'm going to spend a little time with this today. So I thought it might be fun to put it out there for you too.

The only other question that remains now is:

Do I tell you my answer or not?

Whaddya think?


Bella Mia said...

Camille - I, of course, am curious about your answer, but it's up to you about sharing it.

It's a tough question, because whatever I decide, it would have a rippling effect on my life. Not sure I want that responsibility. Yet, I guess that every decision I make does the same thing. So possibly this could be just like any other decision. Hmmmm.

Still I'm reluctant to take the pill, whatever it might be for. I will need to think about this more. Thanks for the mind tweak!

Merry ME said...

Oh yes, do tell.

Anonymous said...

I think I would like to take a pill that bring some people to life, just so that they could say good bye to us.They would let us know that they are happy and that will help some survivors to leave easier.
Camille I am waiting for your answer.
Love your writings.
Ana Paula