Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just begin from where you ARE....

Buongiorno, my friends. I hope your world has been filled with wonder and happy happenings since our last visit. It has been a bit...since my last posting, and I am most happy to be here right now to share some 'stuff' that may lend a bit of joy (or, at the very least, EASE) to your world.

A few things before my offerings today:

A short while ago, I wrote a piece regarding my "rambling ego" and the way my writings had changed because of that Scamp. Since that posting, I've given even more thought to the whole matter...and my real reasons for doing this; in other there something I'm missing? Suffice to say that I have moved beyond some of it...and am thoroughly enjoying these missives as a means to share what occurs (to me) without the need to justify this or that. It is, in no small way, a wonderful evolution.

The other "thing" is this whole idea of our personal evolution. There is no question in my mind that we are evolving, however slowly it may seem. There is also no doubt that, as we do, we come to see things with more clarity, more ease, more love. The more I focus on this evolution, the more it proves to be an actual Happening. To me, there is nothing more exciting than to see proof of my expansion. It is, in my estimation, the icing on the cake. And, of course, the cake is chocolate (as is the icing!).....

But...lest I digress further, let me just say that there are a lot of things that have changed in the very recent past. A LOT. And now, rather than attempting to explain or justify or smooth out the wrinkles, I find that I am more able to just let it be and allow you to either take what you like or leave the whole thing aside. Your choice. Mine too. It feels really, really, REALLY good to have acknowledged the differences that make us who we are...and still be okay with it.

Know what I mean?

Okay then.

Moving on....

One of the things that has 'shifted' in my experience is my attitude toward my current circumstances. I am able to see, quite clearly, that while my attitude has always been one of optimism, there were still moments when the least little glitch would zoom me right back to a prior feeling of unworthiness. Or anger (that's been my M.O. for eons!) or, on very rare occasions, despair. While I do not ever write when in such states, I am fully aware of these emotional shifts. I tend to stay in "hermit mode" when they strike, not willing to share such things with anyone. Not because I'm afraid I might taint my 'reputation'; rather because I know that the more I speak of anything, the more I call it to me. "That which is like unto itself is drawn". When things are less than joyful, I keep them to myself. It's really a marvelous way of letting that ickiness just die of natural causes. And ... it keeps the 'high ball' rolling.

So then...

I have the great blessing of being able to stay home, do my work, and take as much time as I like to listen to, read about, explore all manner of joyful teachings. Among them, my insatiable appetite for the teachings of Abraham. Just ADORE those Beings. They are funny, quick witted, and filled with great desire to lead us ever forward so that we might actually live the joyful lives we came here to live. I realize that there are those who might consider this a bit akin to any other "religious zeal". To those I say, (with great love!), I really don't give a rip. One of the things that had kept me from my own evolution for so long was my incessant need to please. That, too, has changed. I'm not here to make you like me. I'm not here to please you at the expense of my own pleasure. And I am certainly not here to smooth out your wrinkles.

You have yours. I have mine.

My journey is my own. As is yours. Should our energies converge for any kind of rendezvous, it will be for one of two reasons:

Either we are both vibrating the same 'stuff' OR
There is something unfolding that will cause us to expand even more.

Granted, these are my 'opinions'. My truths. My perspectives on my world. They might not be yours; and that's perfectly A-OK. I'm not looking for your validation; you need not look for mine (or anyone elses!). We are all so perfectly, exquisitely, absoluteably (cool word, huh) our own...that there is really no need for validation...from anyone, anywhere.

Once I came to this seemingly simple insight, my entire world changed. The life-long need I'd had for validation simply disappeared. The irritations I'd felt from others doing (or not doing) what I deemed 'proper' stopped entirely. All manner of angst just poofed into NoWhereLand. Relationships that had once caused me grief either transformed into harmonious relationships...or they disappeared entirely. People who I'd once judged so harshly became people who I appreciated for their own special qualities. In every case, all those things that had once caused me great irritation just went out of my experience altogether.

While all this was evolving, there was this beautiful, gentle shifting of energies. I started doing little 'tests' to see if I could really affect my world. Little things like lying in the hammock (with my Bruzer, of course) and breathing in the splendor of my surroundings. Appreciating the flowers AND the weeds. Listening to the sounds around me; birds singing and hawks calling, and ravens doing that thing ravens do. Just basking in the moment, without 'thinking' about anything. The more I laid in appreciation, the more there was (IS!) for me to appreciate. Round and round it went...until there was just no way that I could miss the proof that the Universe was hearing me. No words. No prayers. No expectations. Just pure appreciation.

This has been my most recent adventure. And I can tell you, with great delight and utter knowing, that it has been one of the most exciting, exhilarating, mind-blowing adventures I've even taken. And still it continues. Because...(here's the really groovy part)....the more you get, the more you get. The more you focus on what you really want (without going to that place of "....but I don't have it...."), the more the U delivers. It is the most sensational trip of all. And today, in this place of astonishing wonderment...I wanted to share the feeling of it with you.

Give it a try.

You'll see.


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