Thursday, March 24, 2011

affirmations and other such "nonsense"...

"There is only a stream of well-being".....

Before you think about that, check your gut. How does that statement make you feel? How resistant are you to this idea? Was your reaction, "Yea. Right."? Or was it, "I can  feel that. It's truth. There is only a stream of well-being."

I pose this today because it has become clear to me that when such thoughts are relayed, should you be in a place of "less-than", words like that can really get your shorts in a twist.

On the other hand...should you happen to be in your groove, for any reason whatsoever, such words can lift you up and take you further into your groove.

Yes or no?

Here's what I mean:

You know all those zillions of "affirmation cards" that seem to be available everywhere? The ones that have those fun images and phrases like, "I am a powerful Creator. Everything comes easily to me." Or, "I am an Abundant Being. Money flows to me with no effort." Or some such.

I recall the first set of such cards I received from a dear friend many years ago. They were by Louise L. Hay of "You Can Heal Your Life" fame (among other things). The cards were nicely laminated with bright, colorful drawings and affirmations for just about everything under the sun. They came in a very sturdy little box that looks good on the shelf and keeps the cards 'safe'. As soon as I got them, I made a few cool little card holders out of some exotic wood scraps I had in my workshop. Then I carefully chose spots where I'd see the cards all day long, reminding me to "state my affirmation".

But I also remember that I was in a pretty icky place at the time. My usually-optimistic attitude had been overshadowed by a very unfamiliar cynicism. Not the best of places to live in. So every time I'd see one of the cards I'd chosen for the day, and try to use the affirmation with gusto, I'd get this loud voice in my head saying, "Yea. Right. What a bunch of crap."

After a while, I put those cards back in the box and put the box on a shelf. Didn't touch them for a long time. Every now and then, I'd dust off the box and wonder, "How come it doesn't work for me?" It was a giant
tug-of-war between me and Me. But for some reason, I never got rid of them. Just kept dusting them and putting them back on the shelf.

Then, not long ago, I heard something that really got my attention. It was Abe, talking about those "silly affirmation cards" that they'd recently made available. They were standing there, reading the affirmations and then making fun of the whole idea. It was hysterically funny. I watched that video several times, completely amused by their antics and feeling the shift as they talked about why those affirmations could never work unless you were already in a space of "allowing". In other words, if you're in a funk, there isn't an affirmation in the world that's gonna change anything. First you have to get yourself in the good-feeling place; then you can say your affirmations and feel them resonate. Made sense to me.

The thing that was so fun about the whole experience was that they purposely (and quite sarcastically) teased about their "product". They told everyone listening, "Don't buy these cards. They're not going to help you until you make up your mind to change what you're thinking...and how you feel." Shocking stuff to say about one's own products, doncha think?

But the best thing about it was that I finally realized "why" those affirmations never worked. I finally saw how futile such practices are...if I'm not deliberately focused. And really, no cards are needed. No mantras or prayers or Books of Revelations are necessary for each of us to find our groove and work our 'magick'. The magick is all around us. It's inside of us. It IS us. The only reason we don't see the results of said magick is because we're too busy fussing and worrying over dumb stuff that distracts our attention from that flow of well-being. It's really that simple.

How do I know?

Cuz I'm living it. NOW. I'm living it every single day and I can tell you this:

It's a WHOLE LOT EASIER than you may think.

So then...

where do YOU wish to focus your attention?

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