Friday, March 25, 2011

the Knowing....

Do you remember how it felt "that time" when you were standing at a fork in the road, with a choice in front of you, and you knew, without a stitch of doubt, which choice to make? Standing there, with your desire, pure and joyful and exuberant with the knowing of the choice you would make. Fearless, thrilled to your toes with the Knowing. So excited that you threw your arms in the air and shouted "YESSSSSSSSS! IT'S MINE!" Laughing and dancing and clapping your hands in glorious expectation of your desire come to you.

Do you remember?

Stop for a moment. Stop and pull out all the many experiences you've lived. Find that "one" that made you feel that way. The one that started with joyous expectation, unfolding perfectly, culminating without a single glitch. Even if there is only one. Maybe there are more...but it doesn't matter "how many" times you felt that feeling of absolute joy for the desire come 'true'. Find one or two or seven. Relive the whole she-bang. Get those feelings fired up as if you were living it right now.

Are you there? Can you feel it?

THAT is the stance from which to live your life and the choices you get to make. From that place of exuberance. That place of confidence. That place of unadulterated KNOWING.

Making a choice from any other place is just plain crazy. We all have the Knowing. We've all experienced something so pure that when we recall it, we also remember that there are no mistakes. There are no bad choices. There are no flaws in the system. We all have this Knowing.

And when we use the Knowing to guide ourselves through the zillions of choices we are afforded each and every day, life is nothing short of SPECTACULAR.

This, my friend, is the funnest way to live your magnificent Life.

Whaddya think?

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