Saturday, November 28, 2009

YOUR Story (cont'd)

So, onto Your story then, shall we?

{in the previous post...} we were exploring "undoing what's been done"...unlearning what's been taught...returning to Ultimate Knowing..."

So seems the whole 'pretending' thing is a bit of a challenge for some 'grown-ups'. Mostly, I think, because we've been told that it's like telling a lie. And lies are bad, right? Not supposed to lie. Not supposed to 'make stuff up'. Not supposed to 'make believe'. Around about the time we entered grade school, our caretakers began to discourage this sort of behaviour. They told us things like, "you're too big for that now. You're a big boy/girl and you have to stop making things up. It isn't good to lie."


Now what? All this time (a whole 4 or 5 years!) we've been connected to all the magick of the entire Universe, seeing things the grownups can't see, hearing things they can't hear, listening with our hearts to All That Is...and suddenly it's "bad"???? I'm guessing that was pretty confusing for us. I'm also guessing that was when we began to forget all we carried with us into this adventure. Of course it was confusing. And also very, very sad.

But we didn't have much choice (or so we thought) at the time, did we? We were trying to please our caretakers. We were trying to assimilate this new world and do what we were 'supposed' to do in order to survive. And yes, at that point, it's about survival. Without them (our caretakers) we don't survive do we? They feed us, cloth us, keep us warm, provide love and nurturing. As Beings with the instinct to survive, we do what we have to do, yes?

Problem is, they don't know that they're taking away the very essence of Life itself. They don't know because they've forgotten too (remember?)

Now that we're the grownups, we've been so programmed to this so-called 'reality' that we don't remember about the pretending, or the magick, or the truth about who we really are. Which is why so many grownups are so miserable. Think about it: how many grownups have you ever met who were anywhere near as happy as a child playing? Personally, I've met a most. There are lots of grownups who act like they're happy, but if you're any kind of sensitive (intuitive), you can always feel the facade. It's not even about seeing it. It's about feeling it. They're unhappy and don't even know it. All they do know is that "one day" they're going to be happy again. When they get...(fill in the blank). More money. More time. Less working. A new car. A new house. A lover. The perfect job. Whatever. It's 'somewhere down the road' and when they get there, they'll be happy.


Happy isn't a place we get to. Happy is a state of Being. It starts right here, right now; it's an INSIDE JOB. It has nothing to do with external circumstances. And it isn't anything we have to put off til "some day". Right here. Right now.

But how do we get there?

Back to pretending. Let's just say that your current story is one that includes financial struggle, or physical malady, or a broken relationship. Whatever it is, you can't seem to NOT talk about it. You keep telling your story to anyone who'll listen. You just want it to go away... and you think that by 'venting' you're making it go away. Nope. Not how it works.

The more you tell that story, the more you LIVE that story. You're growing it, not erasing it. Because by mere speaking of it, you are giving it your attention, which in turn makes it 'real'. In other words, your thoughts, then turned to words, become the THINGS of your Life.

Did you get that?

Your thoughts become things.

You are manifesting every 'thing' in your life with the thoughts you carry most. So why do we do this? Why do we keep telling the story we don't like, and ignore the one we want?

Because, perhaps, we don't even realize that last part:

thoughts become things.

Chew on that for a while.

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Connie Baum said...

So, while we are chewing, could we just pretend to have a tea party? I like cream and sugar in my tea and I adore crumpets...have you any crumpets we could share? I'll pour your tea while you put some on a plate. I'll meet you at the big tree right after my nap.

Bring your dolly, too...

Mother Connie