Wednesday, November 25, 2009

it's YOUR story....

I've said it all along, and I'll say it again:

YOU get to create your story.
Every time.
No exceptions.

This has come up repeatedly over the past few days, again and again from every kind of direction. People I know. People I have yet to meet. People who read my work and send me messages. Even in conversations in the checkout line at Trader Joe's. It's as if the Universe is whispering, "PSSSST. Share what you know. Stand in your truth and HELP them!"

It's a whisper I cannot (nor do I choose to) ignore. And so....I'll give it to you again, perhaps in a different way, just in case it didn't 'get ya' first few times 'round. {Or, if you're new here and haven't read the 100+ previous postings!}

We are, each of us, Magnificent Creators. We have the power of the entire Universe at our fingertips, in our hands, in our hearts, right HERE at our disposal. We are not here to beg, plead, pray on our knees, grovel, cry, whine, or otherwise be LESS THAN the power of any god. We ARE the gods. Yep. I said it. WE ARE THE GODS. If you happen to believe in such things (as "god"), and this offends you, I shan't back-peddle and attempt to assuage your fear. Instead, I'll say it another way:

If there is such a thing as 'god', how could that god be any more or less than its own creations? If this god has manifested US, then it serves to reason that it also needs us in order to grow itself. Or...put another way....without us, 'it' cannot be.

Lest I digress to an all-out theological discussion, I'll forgo all that for now and put it to you this way:

Let's PRETEND. For just a few moments, let go of your current beliefs and just pretend that all the things you've been taught and/or have learned heretofore are NOT. Pretend you've got a blank slate and you know NOTHING of gods or religion or dogma. Pretend you're an infant and have no learned beliefs whatsoever. You're brandy new on the planet, carrying ONLY what you brought with you from your place of origin (PURE energy, nothing else).

So here you are, this Pure, Unbridled bag of mostly water, fresh out of the womb and still carrying All That Is right there in the core of your Being. You know everything that's ever been known. You understand what "life" is. You know, without reservation that you ARE what the Universal All IS. You have made the choice to be the family you've been born to, surrounded by the people who will be responsible for your life (for a while). Problem is, they can't understand your 'language' because they've long forgotten the language of energy. So...

You use your eyes. You make all sorts of sounds that are completely comprehensible to YOU,, but utterly incomprehensible to them. They coo back at you. They may even use nonsensical language (baby talk???) in their feeble attempts to encourage you to keep making sounds. Still there is no real communication (as far as they're concerned). Little by little, they teach you what they think they know. And as those teachings sink into your Pure Energy Self, you, too, forget all that you know. By the time you're using words, you've forgotten most of what you brought here with you. By the time you're in your late teens (or thereabout) you've likely forgotten ALL of it. You've been indoctrinated into the "real" world, leaving behind what IS real...all because 'they' didn't know any better.

It's no one's fault, really. Those 'adults' were just doing what they were taught, and passing it on to you. Unless they were reared in a very different way from the 'norm', they have no clue that by teaching you their fears, beliefs, and other learned behaviours, they're effectively shutting down your True Nature. Therein lies the biggest challenge of all: undoing what's been done. Unlearning what's been taught. Returning to our Ultimate Knowing, where the Truth of Who We Are still lives.

BOYHOWDY! This is a long one, huh?

Think I'll stop here...and let you take it in....if you wish. I'll get on with it again tomorrow...or the next day.

In the interim ~


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Connie Baum said...

Is it tomorrow yet? I am breathlessly waiting for the next installment.

Good WOO-WOO stuff, gf.

Mother Conne