Monday, November 30, 2009

pretty as a picture ~

As November comes to a close, and the last month of the year is upon us, I can't help but marvel at how quickly this year has gone by. So many things have happened. So many changes. So much expansion. It really is a marvel...and the blessings, despite the challenges, have been many.

On this beautiful Monday morning, as the sky begins to lighten and the colors of sunrise dazzle my eyes, I'm wrapped in the loving embrace of gratitude...and enormous appreciation (yes, there is a me!). I feel the grace of Trust growing in my gut. I feel the love that surrounds me...and all of if Mother were wrapping her infinite arms around the entire planet, cooing softly and whispering encouragement to all Her Children. Magick at its best!

One of the things I'm most aware of today is just how many people share their love, and allow me to share mine. It's much easier to love when it's reciprocal, yes? But one of the things that I've learned over this past year is that we can love, even when someone doesn't want us to love them, or they're unable to accept that love, or they're simply too afraid to allow it. We can love them anyway. And while it may not seem as 'satisfying', there is a different kind of satisfaction that can be experienced, should we choose to change our perspective. That is to say...

Love is not really something that we have, or give, or take. Love is something that we DO. Or maybe...Love is something that we ARE. Should we view Love from this place, then it doesn't require a return ticket. It doesn't even require acknowledgment. It just IS. The more we ARE Love, the more it grows. The more it grows, the more it's felt by the whole world. Even people we don't yet know, or who've yet to know us. Love is it not? Energy flows... or not. Should we let it flow, at every moment of the day, not necessarily AT someone, but rather...just FLOW like water flows down a will touch the banks of so many souls...and spread out, out, out until it reaches the Ocean of Humanity.

A pretty picture, huh?

Well, that's how it feels right now. Or rather, that's how I feel. As if there's an endless supply of Love emanating from my Being...out, out, out to the world. The people and the trees and the rocks and the birds and all the critters....out, out, the Great Expanse of All That Is.

And then right back again.

Ain't life grand?

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Connie Baum said...

I saw this morning creep over the horizon as we traveled west...the layers of pink and lavender and blues were breathtaking. There was nary a cloud in that sky and my heart felt at peace.

Pretty as a picture? Yes, beautiful. LIKE LOVE.

One of the Joyz of my life is popping in here to see what's on your mind. Makes me feel your love, Taloula. Thank you.

Mother Connie