Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Love Keeps Them Alive

It seems true, what "they" say: that LOVE is what keeps those we've lost alive. In our hearts, they're still here. In our minds, they're as alive as they were when they were walking the Planet. In memories and stories and photographs and dreams, they remain with us, no matter the time or distance or circumstance.

Because "alive" isn't just about being not dead.

I know plenty of people who are walking around this Planet, going through the motions, sucking oxygen and gulping food and taking up space, who are anything but "alive". Those sorry Souls who have forgotten, or, perhaps, never realized that there's more to Life than a paycheck and a fancy car. These people are not living. They're merely trudging through, waiting for whatever it is they think will make their lives worth living.

No. These people are not "alive".

And then there are those who, even after they exit this plane, are as alive as they were when they walked the Earth. Their Hearts were (are) so full of Love that even after they leave, they're still present. You know that ones. The ones who we can't seem to forget, no matter how long ago it was that we last saw them. No matter how many years pass, they are still HERE.

My sister, Cricket, is one of those.

Today is her birthday. And, regardless of her having moved on from this place, she is still here. It's been more than two years, but still I feel her. I hear her voice. I see her around me, almost every day. Her presence was (is) so large that even in her mortal absence, she is not absent.

So, for this day, I will sing her the birthday song (in Italian, of course) and celebrate her Life. The one that affected so many people. The one that left such a deep mark on this world that it seems impossible that she'll ever really "die". She won't. Not Cricket. Cricket will live for as long as there are people who were touched by her enormous Love.

Maybe even longer.

Buon Compleano, Sorella Mia.
I love you to the Stars and Beyond ~~~

{still my favorite picture of her}

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