Monday, September 11, 2017

Highly Sensitive Beings

In light of recent events on our Mighty Blue Orb, it has become especially apparent (to me) that those of us who are {what other folks like to call} "too sensitive" may be overwhelmed with energy. Not the kind of energy that makes you want to climb Everest. Rather, the kind of energy that can crush you like a bug under a giant's foot. It feels like you cannot breathe. It feels like your brain is about to explode. It FEELS way too much. And it can be awfully tough to handle. That is, unless you realize that your ultra sensitive Self is as strong as it is sensitive.

Highly Sensitive Beings, (HSBs, from here on out), are often the brunt of jokes and abuse and misunderstandings. Often, an HSB will attempt to compensate for her/his sensitivity; they might wear a bravado that is unwarranted. Or use a big voice. Or pretend to be something they are not. These defense mechanisms are merely an attempt to protect the HSB from the often callous Humans who cannot see that the masks are merely that: MASKS. HSBs will sometimes run from the world, simply because they cannot bear the weight of their emotional "gifts". Because, as often as not, they are NOT gifts at all. They are the bane of existence to those who feel so deeply.

Given that there is so much suffering brought to our attention these days, what with a media that prefers sensationalism over truth, and nearly every Human with a "smart phone" thinking that maybe they can grab their 15 minutes of fame, inundation makes for even more weight on such sensitive souls. Not an easy cross to bear.

So...I thought today might be a good day to remind those of you who are feeling overwhelmed to take a few steps back. Step away from the news and the intrusions of a world gone mad. Turn off your gadgets. Lock the doors. Hide, if you must. And gather your Self. The one that is strong and resilient and hopeful. The one that gives you the power to be who you are. Gather that Self and treat it to a day (or five!) of pampering. Ignore the rest of the world. It's okay. You are allowed. In the name of self-preservation. Because if YOU don't, who will?

I know it's hard. I know it hurts. I know you think you may never find your Joy again. But I promise you: You WILL. It WILL get better. It WILL pass. You CAN go on. And you must. Because the WORLD NEEDS YOU. The world is better for having you in it. You are a rare and beautiful flower whose beauty can heal and nourish and scatter Joy like no other.

Yes. I'm talking to YOU.

Hold on to your Joy. It is there, in your heart. It will guide you, if only you allow it.


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