Monday, July 17, 2017

just in case there is...

If you happen to believe in a place called "heaven", it is likely you also have a fairly clear picture of what that place looks like. It could be some sunny, flowery field where the waterfalls are chocolate and the flowers smell like your mother's homemade cookies. Or maybe you imagine it to be palatial, where you get to live in the mansion of your dreams and you can eat lobster and caviar to your hearts' content without ever gaining an ounce. Perhaps it's simply an endless beach with crystal clear waters and bottomless margaritas. I've asked hundreds of people what heaven means to them, and not a single one of them repeated anyone else's version.

Such is the mystery of heaven. That is, if there is such a place.

Most of you are aware by now that I am a follower of religious tenet. I don't believe in god as defined by religious cultures, regardless of sect. When people ask me if I believe in god, I always respond with, "first you'll have to define what god means to you". I do this because as varied as peoples' versions of heaven are, so are their definitions of what god is. It used to be a slippery slope, especially back when I was of a mind that I felt the need to defend myself. Major arguments would always ensue. Many "friends" were never to be seen again. Part of that was my doing because I was as vehement about my beliefs as they were about theirs. Nobody would budge. Feelings got hurt. Friendship over.

Many years  have passed since I was that confrontational Being. I no longer feel desire nor need to defend my beliefs, or judge anyone else for theirs. To each his own, I say. If believing in a god that will meet you at some pearly gates to welcome you home is what makes life more bearable for you, I see no reason whatsoever to hold it against you. As long as your beliefs don't infringe on my liberties we won't have a problem. End of story.

There are more reasons than fleas on a stray dog why I believe what I believe. Those reasons are neither relevant to this "conversation" nor anybody's business. I prefer to keep such things to myself or, in very special circumstances, between trusted friends. Mostly because I don't feel the need to talk about it. Also because it's a tired topic and I'd much prefer to talk of art and critters and music and mountains. It makes for a much more joyful Life, and these days that's pretty much all I care about.

Which leads us to the purpose of this missive:

I saw a photograph the other day on a post that was about who you'll meet in heaven. It was a lighthearted piece; it made me smile. Apparently, the woman who penned the piece was on the fence about "heaven". She was trying to figure it out by writing it out. I do it too. Probably a big reason why I write on this here blog. It's about reaching for clarity. Sometimes it works.

Anywhooooo....the moment I saw the photo, without reading a single word, the first thought that popped into my head was: "if there is such a place as heaven, this is what mine will look like." Just the thought of it made me giggle. My mind immediately snatched onto the thought and ran with it. All manner of lovely images flew though my head, making the scene so clear as to transport me to this heaven. That was a week ago. I haven't stopped thinking about it. It still makes me giggle. And I thought it might be a lovely way to begin my week. Just a little seed, tossed out to the winds, to see where it might plant itself.

There is no other purpose for this meandering, other than to toss it out to you, and, maybe, if I did my job well enough, inspire you to share your own thoughts.

Heaven or no?
What's it going to "look" like when you get there?
Who will be there to greet you at the gates?

{Go on. Click that comment button and share your thoughts. Please?!}

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