Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Crush of Comparison

Comparisons will kill you. Faster than lightning can split a tree, comparing your life to someone else will crush your very Soul. Eat away at it until all that's left is a crusty, bitter wisp that was once YOU. Without any semblance of Hope. With nary a trace of Joy.

Comparisons will CRUSH YOU.

Social media has an enormous impact on the millions who seem not to know how to live any other way. Many people live their lives precariously through others' videos, photos, SnapChats, Tweets, etc., ad nauseum. It's as if they don't know how to actually LIVE.  Instead, they spend their waking lives with their heads bent over a SmartPhone, watching the world through that six inch screen, wishing it was their life.

It is as annoying as it is terrifying.

And with every luxury home and snazzy car and new wardrobe and snappy pair of shoes and endless stream of vacation pictures and large-spread gourmet meal, the people who are not so "blessed" cringe and wish and shrink ... and die a little more.

"Oh how I wish I could live in that house."

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to vacation like that?"

"I'll bet that car rides like a dream."

"I'd give my left arm for those boots."

"If only I had a body like that."

"I will never get to...."

Little by little, the dreams of the Have-Nots get dimmer and dimmer, until they are lost in the mists, never to be dreamt again.


I hope that as you read this, you will understand just how detrimental to your Soul these comparisons are. I hope you will forgo the envy and turn off your phone or laptop or tablet or iPad or whatever device you've got your face buried in...and DO SOMETHING that makes your Soul SING. Do something that makes you laugh or bring a smile to someone else's face of causes a critter to purr with love.

I hope you will remember that you are enough
and that you matter
and that nothing is impossible
and that whatever it is that makes your heart dance is the thing that counts the most
and that you are loved
your dreams are YOURS.

Leave everybody else out of it.

Comparisons will crush you.


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