Friday, March 10, 2017

Risking One's Cliches

Most of you know I am loathe to any sort of political discussion. It's just not the way of this Hippie Cowgirl. seems we are in a space where even Hippie Cowgirls must rethink their thoughts, and suffer change, and risk their cliches in order to dream up ways to bridge what seems an insurmountable gap.
Perhaps the best thing about where we are, as a country, is that people like me are more willing to pay attention, and, more importantly, take part in the conversation. For me, it is a can of worms I've never wanted to open. Still, at this point in my evolution, I am inclined to stretch a bit more and learn as much as I can to find ways to make this insanity STOP. I believe in the good of people. I believe in compassion. I believe that if we, as a SPECIES, are to survive these toxic times we MUST find a way to move past our differences "for the good of the whole". This TEDTalk is short...and worthy of your time. (and...if it resonates, I invite you to share it with your people.)

It is supposed to be "our country".

What say we act as if, yes?


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