Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Date Is Unimportant...

Today is December thirtieth, in the year two thousand fifteen. (it's kinda weird typing out numbers like that. Fun. But weird. A new 'thang' I'm giving a go. More on that. Another time.) With less than twenty-nine hours left in this year, I'm guessing that lots of folks are planning activities for New Year's Eve. Or not. Maybe folks are basking in quiet reflection over the year's events. Or thinking how happy they are that it's almost over. Maybe, for those who have chosen solitude, there isn't much ado at all about the impending year's end. Whatever the case may thing is certain: Magick abounds today, as it did yesterday, as it shall tomorrow. Doesn't really matter what the date is. Nor the circumstances you find yourself in. All that matters is that you remember a few things, and carry them with you all day, every day, without question or doubt.

Those few things are:

  • Magick abounds
  • YOU are the Magick
  • All that really matters is NOW
  • Trust in your Magick
  • {said another way: Trust in YOU}

  • That's pretty much it. We Humans like to make a big deal about "dates". We fuss over the details because it's Christmas or New Year's Day or your birthday or any number of calendar holidays. But in truth, every day is a holiday. Because the word itself, "holiday", is a bastardized version of "holy days". In my world, every day I awaken, realize I'm actually alive, have oxygen flowing through my lungs and blood running through my veins and food waiting to be eaten and this furry fluff of a dawg to snuggle with, every single one of those days is holy. 

    What else is there to know?

    Happy New Year, my Lovelies.

    May each new day bring new ways for you to live your Magick.

    Carry on!

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