Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Whole Hashtag Thang.... { #aintlifegrand }

In case you didn't know: I am a very curious person. I "wonder" about all kinds of stuff. Because of that "all kinds" part, I tend to dismiss much of what I wonder about. Mostly because there just isn't time enough to learn about all of it. In one day. So, I wait for those curiosities to fester a bit, and look into those that nag me. I read. A LOT. And I use the Internet for research unending. I'm not big on Twitter or Instagram or Selfies. I have no desire to share every freakin' thing I put in my mouth or wear on my body or see down the road. I think that, for the most part, these little "devices" have fostered a self-obsessed generation that believes they can be the next "big star" because they take pictures of every single stupid moment of their dreary little lives.

But that's just me.

For the most part, I use FaceBook as my connection to a world of friends who are all too dang far away. It is my way of staying in their realm (and vice versa). I live, by choice, a very quiet rural life. I don't have many friends nearby. Mostly because they've all left the high cost of living here for places that will allow them to live the lives they choose without breaking the bank or forcing them to compromise. I hold no grudge. I understand. Still, though, there are times when I just want to ring them up and say, "HEY! Wanna come over and have some dinner?"

Alas, I cannot.

So, FaceBook is a little window into all that, sans the actual physical contact. It is a choice, to be sure. Also, it can be great fun. I don't participate in political or religious commentary, mostly because I don't much care for the knot it grows in my stomach. Also because I know all too well that most folks have their very strong opinions on these matters (as do I) and we are certainly entitled to said opinions, no matter how stupid they are. So why bother? I know I'm not going to change anyone's mind about those beliefs, just as surely as I know they won't change mine. To each his own, I say. I just don't participate.

But the fun stuff is what I draw to meself by intention. Things like sweet Critters pics/videos, beautiful art and the artists that create it, humorous antics by not only those I actually know in person, but even some I don't. In other words, stuff that makes me smile, laugh, and/or feel my heart swell with Joy. In that regard, FaceBook can be cool.

Oh. Wait. Wasn't I talking about curiosity? Yes. Yes I was. Bear with me. It will all make sense in a minute.

What I've never understood was WHY hashtags? What purpose do they serve? Why is everyone always hashtagging this pic or that video? I've seen the skits Jimmy and Justin do. And because I don't really get what hashtags are about, I don't get what's funny about those skits. Until today. I finally got so irritated by my not knowing, I decided to actually Google "hashtags". And all made sense.

Imagine that.

Turns out, after I'd read about what they are and how they work, I looked up the two that I thought might immediately serve. The article said to do that. "Look them up so you can see where they lead" And wouldn't you know it; those two led to ONE place. Right here to this Blog! Seeing as how I love my little experiments so much, I've decided to begin using some hashtags and see what happens to my readership. Just for the fun of it.

How exciting. (grin. smirk. giggle.)


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