Monday, August 3, 2015

Magnificent Sublime

I have come to trust the Universe in all Its splendor. I have learned this trust by throwing my arms in the air and shouting LOUDLY whenever the frustration, or fear, or aggravation grows too large for me to handle. In short, when all else fails, I give it up to the U.

I am usually not disappointed.

Having said that, you should also know that I didn't always feel this way. There was a time when I'd fight like a cornered cat to get things done. I'd refuse to give up. I was as stubborn and tenacious as a darling Pit Bull, certain I could fix anything that needed fixin'.

Mostly, the more I resisted, the worse things got.

There are some things that are just not in our control. And mostly, when folks like me get all wanged out over some thing or another, it is because there's something we cannot control. Hence the moniker: Control Freak. Happily, those days have passed and I no longer operate that way.

Yes, Albert, there is order in the Universe.

So, today, whilst toodling about town, running my various errands, I stopped into my favorite pet store to purchase food and a goodie for my darlin'est Sophie. Usually, she'd be with me for this particular errand because: a) they let you bring your puppy/bird/cat/etc. into the store and b) she LOVES the extra attention and the treats she gets when we go there.


Today, I had to leave Sophie home because it was just too danged hot for her to be sitting in the truck. Being the brilliant puppy she is, she has come to understand that when I say, "You have to stay home. It's just too hot for you to sit in the truck.", that's her cue to go into her Puppy Cave and chill. Which she does. Without complaint. She doesn't even make a dash for the door. She just chills under the bed, in full confidence that yes, I will return AND she will most likely get a treat when I do.

She's good like that.

When I walked into the wonderfully air-conditioned store, the manager (darling Ben) greeted me with his usual genuine smile. As did the other lovely woman who works there. It was relatively quiet, so while Ben rang up my purchase, the three of us chatted about my absent Sophie. Which led to a little story about a minor fiasco that occurred a week ago. Laura, the woman, had helped me with a query I'd had about one of the hens. She even called to the Ramona store to get answers for me. So, today, she asked how they were doing. I shared with them the story of said fiasco, whereby the landlady had left the coop door ajar, and two of the hens made their great escape. Of course, Sophie AND the landlady's 2 little Yorkies (scamps, both!) were all gathered 'round the coop. Immediately Landlady made a dash for one of the hens. So did Sophie. And the two Scamps. My heart did a triple gaynor before I stopped, took a GIANT breath, and called for Sophie to STOP. I was sure she was going to kill that chicken. To my great surprise, she did NOT. Instead, she ran around it and began herding her toward me. I could barely believe my eyes. I was calling the chicken (who I've name Miss Vivienne) and also telling Sophie what a good girl she was. Worked like a charm. That dang chicken ran right to me, where I quickly scooped her up and started walking back to the coop.

Meanwhile, Blanca was still running away from Landlady. And the Scamps were running after Blanca. I used my Big Voice, "KNOCK IT OFF!" and both dogs sat down quick as a hiccup. I turned to Landlady and said, "just get behind her. She'll walk right back in."

And...she did.

All the chickens are safe in the coop and Sophie is standing right at my ankle, looking up at me all happy and proud. "Good GIRL, Sophie! GOOD GIRL!"

Back to today: I'm telling this story to Ben and Laura and she starts clapping her hands gleefully. She is absolutely thrilled over all this. Tells me she's got goose bumps. And that she's so proud of Sophie. Both of us are grinning like Cheshires. And Ben is standing there, with my card in his hand, smiling as only a man watching two ridiculous women can. (Actually, he wasn't judging. I could tell. He was merely taking it all in, and smiling at our little bonding moment. Or something like that.) It was one of those moments that makes you happy to be alive.

Just as I was about to leave, Laura complimented me on the hat I was wearing. Mostly, I think, she liked the peacock feathers. I thanked her and asked, "Do you like peacocks?" (who doesn't?!). "Oh yes! They are stunning birds!" I tell her to walk out to my truck with me and I'll give her the one I picked up on my way out of the house. He's molting right now. There are feathers EVERYWHERE. It's like Christmas in August. Gorgeous peacock feathers surround my little house every morning. It never ceases to thrill me.

I can't even begin to tell you how that woman lit up. You'd have thought I was about to hand her the winning MegaLotto ticket. My heart did another triple gaynor. Only this time it was for the Joy that was flyin' around that store. So much JOY!

When we got to my truck, she said, "I know this is going to sound weird, but I SWEAR I know you from somewhere. Like...from some life time long ago. Do you think that's weird?"

"Not at all. I feel the same way. Like we've been friends for eons. I understand."

I handed her the feather, and she immediately teared up. She was overwhelmed by the moment and it showed all over her face. I gave her a hug as she said, "I have no idea why I'm crying! You must think I'm nuts." I said, "No, Laura. You're  not nuts. It's just that we haven't seen each other in a very long time. Don't you think?"

Then, together, we laughed. Long and loud. She gave me another hug and thanked me, over and over. "I don't know where all this is coming from, but it sure is a great way to start the week. You have NO idea how much I needed this today."

As I got in my truck, she stood there, tears rolling down her cheeks and a GINORMOUS grin on her face. Both of us had been lifted, wayyyyy high. Both of us felt that kinship that only Old Souls recognize. Both of us had our faith in the Universe fully restored.

There are no accidents.
Or coincidences.
Or chance meetings.
There is only the magnificent, sublime Universe working Its magick...on all of us.

If only we will allow it.

Yes, my Darlin's. Joy is a CHOICE.

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