Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Learning to Live on Critter Time

Mostly, Humans live on what can be called Linear Time. It's a 24/7 existence. For many, a dull, two-dimensional existence that makes one wonder why any of us bother. Get up, go to work, come home, do all the other stuff you have to do, go to bed....and start the whole thing over again next morning.

Really? Is that all there is? Is that why we're here?

I don't think so !!!

In the past several months, it has come to my attention, or should I say, a more clarified awareness, of just how much we count the hours/days/weeks. It has also become more clear that Critters don't share the same concept of time that Humans do. I've known this all along, but my awareness of this difference has become much more acute lately.

Take, for example, the little piece I posted back in December about The Magick of the Season; or the one I wrote a few weeks earlier about That FACE. Or even the one about Crow. In each of those postings, I spoke of things I wanted so badly, and their coming to fruition. Now, some months later, even more dreams are floating up to meet me, becoming realities that were only recently things I'd been imagining. For me, those "several" months seemed a long time passing. But if I weren't so conditioned to live on Human Time, I might not feel that way at all. Were I to look at the events of the past several months the way a horse does, I might not care at all that it took X number of days for these things to rise up into my life. Because I'm pretty sure that horses don't care about how many days have passed. Mostly, I think, they care about food and shelter and kind Beings in their presence. They care about whether or not they're allowed to BE horses, without abuse or neglect. They care about the Humans that care about them....and not a whole lot more.

At least, that's what I think.

I also think that once we get out of the rut of Linear Time, and start living like we came here to live...with great attention to Joy and doing all those things that make us happy, by taking time to imagine living those moments we so wish to live, by trusting that everything is exactly as it should be and we are precisely where we're supposed to be, we begin to actually LIVE those joyful moments, doing those things we so want to do, regardless of self-imposed limitations or economic circumstance. For me, horses are magic. And when the time was "right", I was led to a particular place, to meet a particular group of people AND horses, so that all those moments I spent imagining became actual moments I am now living.

And that, my friend, is what living on Critter Time is all about.

P.S. I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Lynne Hayes at Horse Spirit Ranch and the lovely Teddie Ziegler of Phoenix Farms for helping make my dreams come to life. Also, to PJ and Cinco, for doing such a fabulous job at being horses and reminding me that partnership is about heart, not money. It was a SPLENDID day! Tomorrow is here. I am deeply grateful.

The photos in this post were found on Pinterest; I could not find the origin of either, so if you know to whom the credit goes, please notify me and I will gladly post their names here. To whomever you are, thank you for these fantastic photographs!

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