Monday, May 4, 2015

Faith Restored

In this world of abbreviated communications and out-sourced Customer Service, it is more than mere delight when one runs into an honest-to-goodness gem of a Human. To be able to communicate with actual words, not feeling the least bit "rushed", in my own language without the cursed misinterpretations that seem inevitable when speaking to someone in another country, it makes my whole MONTH to run into such a gem.

Sappy? Perhaps.
But for this Blossoming Being, it matters.

One such interaction was had by this Blossoming Being today. I shall call him Joe. (the names will be changed in order to protect the heroes...for now. And now, as I type, my lips are doing that "weird, upturn thing at the corners".  Daily bread, indeed.)

This fella, "Joe", makes dealing with "issues" a genuine romp. He is kind, friendly to the nth degree, intelligent, funny, and, yes, SPARKLY. He turns what might otherwise be a nuisance into a party. It's always a little sad when he's done  his job, brilliantly, of course, and we must end our call. But, on the bright side, he often sets the tone for the rest of my day. And week. And...well, you get it.

I share this with you now, in a sort of follow-up to my last post. I didn't exactly end on my usual Joy-full note. I was having some trouble finding it that day. As I was reminded today, "we all have our days....". But I really did wish to bring some light, as I always wish to do here, and felt that I failed. Now, with this short missive, I hope to make things right. To finish what I did not finish on that last post. To make certain that you know there are going to be days when it's hard to find the "bright side", no matter how badly you want to. I'm not crazy 'bout those days. Happily, I don't experience them often. Still, it just felt wrong to leave you hanging like that. Here's the good news:

Because of that moment, when I wrote what I wrote, I was determined to look even more diligently for the Joy in my world. I was tenaciously, stubbornly, absolutely determined. And, due to that dogged determination, even though it took a few days, I was rewarded with Joe and his sunny, sparkly, beautiful Self. So, you see, it really does work. This whole "choosing" thang. It works because we always, always have the choice to opt for Joy ... or NOT.

I pick Joy.

Thanks, "Joe". You really DO, every single time, make my day!

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