Sunday, March 29, 2015

PC Angel

I don't often write what might be considered "advertisements". This blog is not about making money or any other such commercial interests. It is here, simply, to scatter Joy to all who may want/need/enJOY such things. To that end, you will not see banner ads here. (Not to mention the fact that they look hideous!)

HOWEVER {oh yes. you knew that was coming, didn't you?}....

There are times when I do write about other folks who have some commercial website. Mostly I do this when I learn about someone who's not only good at what they do, but do it with integrity and ...yes....JOY. This is one such man.

His name is Mike McMullen and his website is PCAngel Now. I learned of him by way of one of my dearest sister-friends. Having moved across the country, I was no longer able to help her with certain computer issues. So she found this wonderful man, gave him a call, and then called me for my input. She asked me to call him and chat so I could get a sense of his services and whether or not it would be wise to use him as her "computer guru". And so I did.

Now, you might ask yourself, "how in the world could she make such an assessment over the phone?!" To that I would reply, "I trust my gut."

{and now...a plug for ME: if you haven't read it yet, you might like to toodle over to Amazon and get yourself a copy of my book, "Whispers ~ The Often Subtle Sometimes Rowdy Voice of Truth". This will give you a clear picture of how/why I came to trust said gut. Now...back to the case at hand...}

Anywayz....I talked with Mike and found him both genuine and well-versed in the world of computers. Plus, he was just so darned pleasant! After a lot of questions and his patient responses, I decided he was "worth the investment". Called my sister and told her so. As luck (?) would have it, she included me on her account, just in case I might need him too.

She's a terrific lady.

That was about a year ago. I've called and asked for guidance a few times during that span, and he's always been both extremely helpful and wonderfully patient. His sincerity is quite clear. As is his expertise. He's got 30+ years of experience. That counts for a LOT in my book. In short, the guy knows his stuff. Add to that his very, very reasonable rates, and you've got yourself a recipe for success.

So....should you ever need a hand with some computer issues, or if you just want a thorough "clean up" of your computer, this is the man to go to. His website is easy to navigate and covers pretty much any questions you might have. All contact info can be found there as well. Why not head on over and have a look around? And...if you're so inclined (and even if you're not!) please share this with your friends/coworkers/family.

I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it IS, call PC Angel Now!

Cheers ~~~

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