Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Go On! You Can Do It!

After far too many bad haircuts and the ensuing aggravation of having to come home and attempt to fix what they messed up, I finally decided to get myself some clippers and do it myself. I reasoned that I probably couldn't do any worse. I also reasoned that it will always grow back. Besides all that, one set of clippers cost about the same as one haircut. AND...if I screw it up, I have no one to blame but meself. But first....

Before buying said clippers, I watched a gazillion videos on YouTube on the topic. Sadly, the majority were for men's hair cuts. But hair is as short as a man's cut, if not shorter. Mostly. The thing is, it's longer on top than sides and back. Apparently, when one is cutting hair, the head is to be sectioned into four parts: neck, back, sides, top. So it would seem the tricky part would be when I got to the top. Wasn't wanting to give myself a Crew Cut...but I figured...I'd figure it out.

So, I came home with my new clipper set, sat down and read the entire booklet that came with.  I'm one of those. Whenever I get any kind of new gadget, whether it's a cell phone, a sewing machine, or a cast iron skillet, I READ. Saves tons of time in the long run. Also, adds years to the life of anything worth paying for.

Anway...back to the clippers....

Once I'd read through the booklet, I set the handy carrying case aside and opted to wait til "tomorrow". Thought it'd be a good idea to let the info soak in. That was two days ago. It seems I was having a bit of anxiety over the cutting of my hair...{gee. what a surprise.} BUT...I was determined to do it, even if I made a mess of it. With this in mind, I did some deep breathing and set about the task.

One of the tricky things about cutting one's own hair is the mirror image thing. Especially when attempting to cut the back of one's head. You really need three hands to do this properly. Seeing as how I only have two, I was kinda stuck. After staring in the mirror for a few minutes, I decided it was time to trust and just use my sense of touch instead. Once I got the angle of the clippers right, I could just feel my way 'round my head.

I'm betting that right about now you're figuring I'm going to tell you about the giant disaster that followed....

You would be wrong.

I only messed up one little spot. Just ONE. There's a little kinda bald spot just behind my left ear. And you can't even see it! I can feel it, but it's not visible. So...who cares???!!! And even if I could see it, what's the big deal anyway? I mean, those "stylists" have done worse. Even the ones who charge wayyyyyyyy more than they're worth.

{Truth be told, I've gotten better haircuts at SuperCuts than I have some fancy salons. No kidding. Seems the more they charge, the less inclined they are to actually listen to what the client wants. Go figure.}

And the risk of being clumped into that group of zillions who are obsessed with the "selfie" (which, by the way, I am not...and you can tell by how terrible these pictures are...I LOATHE the whole idea .) and for the sake of "proof",  I'm going to do it anyway...just so you know I'm not making it up. It may not be the best hair cut I've ever had, but it certainly isn't the worst.

One more thing {before those pictures)...let me just say this: if you ever decide to cut your own hair, please take the matter lightly. I mean it. Don't do it if you're going to freak out by the results. It's fun...if you let it be. It's also quite satisfying. Having said all you can see for yourself.

This post is being written on behalf of all of you out there who want to step out...and do something....anything that requires a little courage.

Go on.
You CAN do it!
Just remember: it'll grow back.


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Margit Reinisch said...

Done well, how often have you trimmed your hair since then?