Friday, March 27, 2015


I have a thing for crows. There's something mystical about these black beauties that is more than intriguing. They have an intelligence that is ... like god on wings. I don't really have words to explain how they make me feel. So, instead, I opted to draw one. Just for the fun of it. To see if I could. To see how it would feel to spend so much time with this creature. Because, believe me when I tell you, drawing a crow with a pencil takes time. I immersed myself with him for several days. I enjoyed every second of that immersion. We had a conversation as I drew. I studied him so intensely that I could hear him speaking to me.



No kidding.

And here is the result of that conversation. (there are 2; one is the original drawing, the other a copy of the drawing with some water colors added in....more experimenting for this blossoming artiste....)

I cannot express the joy I live whilst I learn this new art form. I've always wanted to draw. Now that I am giving it a go, I am astonished at my own penchant...and perhaps, talent, for this medium. Honestly, it has become an all-consuming passion. 

As always...JOY is a CHOICE. And this is one choice I am sooooo very thrilled to have made!


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