Friday, December 26, 2014

The Magick of the Season....

For the past decade or so I have practiced the Art of Allowing. I have made it my daily stop being so small-minded about my Life...and allow the Universe to offer me what I am asking for. I believe that the Universe listens, just as I believe that the Critters listen. I have not yet "mastered" this Art of Allowing, nor have I mastered manifestation. This does not mean I do not believe. It merely means that I am still learning, remembering, allowing things to work as they do.

So often, at this time of year, we lean heavily on our respective beliefs to gather up the Joy that is a part of this season. I've long wondered why it is that we, Humans, only carry that Joy with us for "the season" and not all the year 'round. I still don't know the answer, but I do know that the Magick is as real as the snow that falls, the trees that sway, the Critters that show us their way, whether we are paying attention or not.

This morning, as I lay in bed with my Critter, cozy with my coffee and the smell of pine in the house, I felt this wash of love so large it made me shiver. I looked around my room, taking in the beautiful "things" that make it my home, and suddenly realized just how much progress I've made in this Art of Allowing. It struck me so intensely that, for a moment, I stopped breathing.

I saw the photo of The Colt, a gift from my new friend Ken Archer, and realized that I had been saying (aloud), "what I really want for Christmas is a horse of my very own". I did not say "a living horse", I said "a horse of my very own". Looking at The Colt, I realized my gift had been delivered! Without knowing it, this man, who had captured my Colt on film, gave me back my dream. Believe me when I tell you, this is a huge thing for me. HUGE.

{Aside: try to remember, when you are asking for something, to be quite clear on that "something". Sometimes it really is in the details. Not how you're going to have whatever it is, but clarity on what it is. Just imagine what might have been had I said "a living horse"!!!}

Then, I remembered a few conversations I'd had with one of my closest friends about the angst I feel when I'm going to be around a certain woman I know. I love her, to be sure, but there is a feeling of discomfort so big that it can make my whole body ache. (not to mention my stomach!) We'd been having these discussions about my own evolution in this relationship and how I might be able to make it through the holidays more joyfully and less anxiously. I paid her words great heed. I did a LOT of "quiet work", making sure to focus on what I wanted to feel instead of how I didn't want to feel. In essence, I made "light work" of it, rather than heart-heavy work. When I thought about the past few days, and how much I've enjoyed them, I realized, again, that my requests had been granted.

All around me I could sense a Magick so strong that if literally made me tingle. I had this large swelling in my chest that can only be described as Love. I had a keen Knowing that I've been manifesting all along; I just hadn't realized the ways in which I was. It was, for lack of a better word, MIND-BLOWING! {okay. that's two words. but you get what I mean!} So, lying there with my Pup, sipping my coffee, all a-swell with Love and Gratitude, I took it all in and said a few prayers of Thanks. I made a promise to keep allowing and trusting that all things come when (and how!) they are meant to come. There is Magick in the air.

And it ain't just about The Season.

P.S. If you are a lover of Nature and/or Critters, you MUST go see Mr.Archer's work. Really. You must. You can purchase prints and have your own dreams remembered.

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