Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Really? Another New Year?

I gotta tell kinda blows my mind that today is the last day of 2014. I just can't seem to wrap me brain around a whole 'nother year gone by. Freaky, I tell ya. Just plain ol' freaky.

Time seems to have taken on a whole new dimension for me. Like the fact that I am a "Great Aunt";(well, of course I'm great! but that's not what the title means, is it?) Or the fact that my Bruzer has been gone from the Planet for nearly two years. Or that my mom has been dead longer than she was alive (in my years, that is). All these and many more things lead me to believe that Einstein was right on; time really is relative. (Wait. Is that what he said?) But before I lead you down that long, fuzzy tunnel, let's get on with the whole "New Year" thang, shall we?

I am fond of traditions. Except for when they don't suit. I am equally fond of creating my own. Because, Dear Ones, we all change. Sometimes those changes don't come by choice (or so we say) but more by following the path we've chosen....which leads us to things we did not expect. And that is not a bad thang.

One such tradition I've made for meself is that of spending the days between Christmas and New Year's Day reveling in all the glorious Love that was sent my way throughout the year. Cards and notes and little scraps of paper people sent or handed to me, that I've either tacked onto my cork board or put up on my fridge or tucked into books I'm reading. Those precious little reminders of people who love me. I go 'round the house and gather them up into a little pile on my desk. And then....

I read them all. Every note. Every card. Every little message written (by hand!) to me. I relive the feelings I felt when first I received them. I close my eyes and feel their hugs. I smile at the sound of their voices, all of which can be heard in the words they wrote. I let the Love wrap itself around me, all warm and fuzzy and large. I spend quite a lot of time doing this over the course of this last week of the year. I'm lucky like that. I have that kind of time.

{And so do you. If you choose. Just sayin'. Quit making excuses!}

Here are just a few of the many:

I am a Blessed Blossoming Being. And so are YOU. When we take time to count our blessings, really revel in the warmth of the Love that surrounds us, we can bid farewell to a year gone by....with hope and love and absolute giddiness for what is to come. Because no matter where we are, or what we have (or not!), there is always the Knowing....that Love abounds. And with that Love, nothing is beyond our reach.

So, on this last day of 2014, I bid you all a VERY Happy New Year. That all your dreams may be lived. That all your hopes may be realized. That all that you came here to BE...will rise up to meet you with as much Love as you ARE.


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