Sunday, November 30, 2014

In Your Hands

There is Magick afoot. And it isn't because of Christmas. Or, at least I don't think so. Maybe. But either way, there is Magick afoot and for this Blossoming Being, it is larger than usual. Perhaps it is because of that long sabbatical I took. Or maybe it's just the letting go of stuff that weighs a Being down. Could be about a planetary thang. Or all the sage I burned just the other day. All I know does not matter why or how. What matters is...

There is Magick afoot!

I'm a long-time believer in Magick. I'm not talking the AbraCadabra kinda stuff. Or the Witches and Warlocks stuff. Or the kind of Magick you can buy in those shops. I'm talking honest-to-goodness-Universal-Power kinda Magick. 

The kind that's real.

{Aside #1: as we all know, "real" is quite subjective. We've had this conversation before, yes? My "real" may not be yours. But we won't get into all that right now. 'K? 'K.}

I have learned, over the course of many years of observation, that Magick is what Life is all about. Now, sometimes we forget that we have it. And sometimes we forget that we are the ones who get to choose to play with it whenever we wish. And sometimes when we've gone without It for too long, It makes itself known just because of all the above reasons. Magick wants to be part of our lives. Magick is itchin' to play. But, like the tango, it takes TWO. 

Are you paying attention? here's some of the Magick I'm talking about:

The other day, after that long sabbatical, I posted "That FACE."  In that post I spoke of the little colt and the man who took the photograph of that beautiful beast. {I also posted a link to his site; if you missed it, here it is again: Ken Archer Photography} Since that day, all manner of Joy has been flyin' around here. BIG Joy. SUPERDELICIOUS Joy. The kind of Joy that makes you want to rip off all your clothes, smear yourself with whipped cream, and do a spazoid dance all through the house. That's the kind of Joy that Magick brings.

If you let It.

{Aside #2: Oh GEEZ. I did it again. Got all side-tracked. For Pete's sake!}

Sooooooooo....I posted "That Face" and then I wrote another email to the fabulous Mr. Archer and then I got another email back from him. Turns out Mr. Archer had a story about That Face. And the day the photograph was taken. And the circumstances surrounding that field trip to find that band of wild horses. The story is a personal story, so I shan't share that part. But what I will share is this: the story behind the photograph is as powerful as the photograph itself. I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise. I mean, when a photograph can have that large an impact on a Blossoming Being (me), it must be because the Magick that was afoot on that day came flying out of the picture...and I caught it. I felt it. I knew, without knowing why, that there was just something about that photograph and the person who took it. 

And I was not wrong.'s little nugget is this:

If'n yer not feelin' the Magick in your Life, then perhaps you might want to burn some sage, or take a sabbatical, or rip off all your clothes and smear yourself with whipped cream and do a little spazoid dance around yer house. Because if you're not livin' the Magick, you're not livin'.

It's all in your hands.

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