Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let the Good Times Roll

One of my favorite things about letting stuff happen is...letting stuff happen.


More often than not, when "stuff" happens, folks get all kinds of tizzied up.

{Aside #1: A tizzy is a dither. A dither is...well, I could school you, but what fun would that be? Look it up.}

{Aside #2: I take liberties with words. Because I can. We call that "creative license". Please. Calm yourself. It's okay. How do you think all these ridiculous "urban dictionary" words come about? At least mine make some semblance of sense. What the hell is "cray cray" anyway? What are we? Two year olds? GEEZ.}

And, more often than not, if you'd avoid the tizzy entirely, you'd find that your calm will guide you to where you're meant to go in the first place. Kinda like the detour thing {remember?}. Stay calm. Follow the road signs. Be daring. And, for Pete's sake, don't freak out.

In the course of a mere twenty four hours {okay. maybe more than that. But still. Not a lifetime or anything close to it. A day or two in the Big Picture? Pretty much a sneeze. Nothing to get yourself in a dither over.

{Aside #3: see what I did there? Oh goodie. You looked it up. Bravo!} I was saying...

In the course of a mere twenty four hours, your whole life can get turned upside down (or right-side upped) and before you can say "Holy Pizza Sauce!", you’re wondering what the hell happened and why. At the moment of collision, you have two choices: freak out or handle it.

Wait. Maybe let's add a third choice: ignore it.

I can see you rolling your eyes. I can hear you saying, "Oh for Pete's sake. Here's another one of those LaLaLand fluffies who buries her head in the sand." I understand. I used to be the same way. Til I figured out that sometimes, the best thing you can do is pretend it ain't there. Because if you run at it head on, you're going to knock yourself out when you hit that brick wall. You’re gonna have a knot on your head the size of a grapefruit and the stars flyin’ in front of your face are gonna blind you to anything remotely helpful.  In other words, sometimes you just can't control It. And that uncontrollable It is gonna kick your ass. For now. So...just ignore it til you've got a better perspective. And a little more calm. Which leads to more power. Which then leads to your ability to do what needs doing to make It "right". But between here and there (lack of control vs. inspired insight), the best way to keep that molehill from growing to a mountain is to look the other way. Focus on the stuff you can control. The stuff that makes you smile or laugh or clap your hands and dance. Put all your attention on those things you can control. Even if it's nothing big. Like pulling weeds from your garden. Or making your best breakfast dish for dinner. Or playing frisbee with your dog. Anything that will distract you well enough to clear the fog of helplessness. Anything that will keep your energy UP and your fear from growing. Fear is a killer if you don’t have the tools to manage it.

Also, it ain’t much fun.

Which leads me {kind of…} back ‘round to the beginning. In less than the time it takes to get blown out of your socks, you can make the choice to walk over to your dresser, grab a clean pair, put them on, and find something else to do. Just for now. Because sooner or later you’ll have a new set of eyes with which to see whatever It is that’s putting a kink in your groove. But only if you can keep yourself calm enough to hear the Voice that’s always going to be there to whisper directions. You’ve just gotta trust that. You’ve gotta know, in your gut, that there is always a solution. Trick is to trust the timing. Trust your Gut. Trust the Love that is always with you. The Universe doesn’t need a clock. There is no Time. All that is an illusion created by those who wish to control things they have no business controlling. Just trust.

Everything happens at exactly the perfect moment. Your job is to chill, enjoy, and let the Good Times roll.

It works.

Every time.

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