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{The following is an excerpt from my first book, "Whispers ~ The Often Subtle, Sometimes Rowdy Voice of Truth". As I am in the process of book #2, I thought it might be a great idea to share a little of book #1, just in case you'd like to read it before the next one comes out. If not, well, perhaps you'll enjoy this anyway. The purpose of this particular book was to inspire people to listen for the Whispers of their lives. The second book will follow suit, but be....well...different. Because isn't that the point? Anyway, I would dearly love your feedback on this post, if you are so inclined to take a minute. My thanks, in advance, for your thoughts. So then...without further ado...}

Whispers from a Dream ~~~

Dreams can be tricky business. I've been intrigued by them for a very long time...yet...still, they are very tricky business. I've read tons of books about dreams and what they mean and how to figure it all out...but I think, mostly, dreams are inside stuff. You won't find what you're looking for in a book. While they (books, that is) might give you some insight, all in all I think dreams are far too personal to 'figure out' from a book. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

I do happen to believe that you can get lots of answers from your dreams. I like to think of them as my very own direct line to the Cosmos. Some people use prayer. Others, meditation. I find dreams to be far more 'enlightening' than the rest. But that's me.

I bring this up now, as I near the end of this little book, because it seems to me it would be negligent not to. I mean, I've been going on and on about "Whispers"...and of all the many ways, and circumstances, and various life forms from which I've heard them. So how could I not include dreams? They have been among the most powerful of my Whispers, especially when I need answers to the really tough questions. 

{Aside ~ I'd like to mention here that I've heard lots of folks say that they either don't dream or they can't remember their dreams. To the former I say, "Oh yes you do." To the latter, "You can, if you practice." But I digress...}

I believe in magick and all things magickal. I believe that there are all kinds of spirits, both grand and small, that are right here, all around us, all the time. Those little glimpses of 'something' you catch out of the corner of your eye but then disappear when you try to look right at them? That's what I'm talking about. It's as if they're saying, "YO! Listen up! You can't use your human eyes to see any of this. You gotta use your other eyes. The ones that see beyond the veil. We'll keep hangin' around til you get it. No worries. We're not gonna bail on you."

The fact that I have such conversations may, again, lead you to believe that I've lost my pretty little mind. And, again, I assure you, I have not. It's just what I believe. And everyone is entitled to their beliefs, don't you think?

But my point is, whatever you happen to believe is exactly what will fuel you through your life. And those beliefs can be as empowering as they can (be) limiting. Without exception, it's the limiting beliefs that mess with us most. Those things that we picked up somewhere along the way, that weren't really ours to begin with, but after years of having them pounded into our brain, they just got stuck there. Then, we wander around for year on end, wondering why we're so miserable. Beliefs like that do not serve us. They hold us back from the life we intended before we got here.

{End of excerpt...for now. I might finish the rest of the chapter at a later date. I'm going to wait to see if anyone actually has a thought to, we shall see!}

P.S. One more thing: if you DO wish to have your own copy of my darling little book, you can find it HERE: "Whispers" by Camille Olivia Strate

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