Wednesday, February 19, 2014

For Today....

For today, maybe you could let go of all the crap that's making you so unhappy and, instead, pretend to be somewhere else. You know, like you did when you were a little kid.


Or else, maybe you could find an hour to run away. Like you might have done when you were a little kid.

Run away.

Or maybe you might want to buy a bottle of wine or whiskey or lemonade and have a few drinks whilst you ignore whatever it is that's buggin' the shit outta you.


You could also read a book, go to a movie, lock the doors and turn off your phone and hide from the world, call a friend who makes you laugh, call a friend who thinks you're funny, ride a horse, go bowling, visit an arcade, go to a museum, or the library, or an antique store, or the beach (so what if it's cold!), or maybe you could just

Get over it.


you're burning daylight here with all that angst. You're not on this planet to be miserable. You're here to live all the Joy that this fine Time/Place/Space has to offer.

Your choice.

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