Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Simply a Matter of Energy

Money is energy. It comes in many forms. Coins, paper, oil, gold, beads, live stock, food, and some others that I shan't name since they make my stomach hurt. But all in all, money is simply energy. Let's just say this is "truth" for the sake of this missive and not get ourselves all riled up over semantics. So....

If money is energy and our energy is somehow not a "match" to whatever currency we use, then it won't find its way to us. Believe me when I tell you, this truth has been quite a challenge for me; it remains such today, Me thinks, because I've still not managed to embrace this Truth. In short, I still have some issues. For the sake of all those who are in shortage, I'm going to offer this up (for both you and myself!):

Whenever you see/meet someone with lots of money, what is your first feeling? Like if you see someone with a car that costs more than a house or a ring that could buy a house, or some super-expensive shoes, or whatever, what is the very first emotion you experience? 

Is it anger? Envy? Rage? Disdain? Loathing? Do you immediately judge them? Do you want to walk up to them and holler hateful things? Or hit them over the head and scream your outrage at their "foolish spending"? Or tell them what that money could have done for the "needy"?

Or do you feel happiness for their success? Do you look at them and think, "Well good for you! I think it's utterly fabulous that you are able to lavish such things on yourself! Bravo!"

{First aside: stop for a moment and breathe please. Just BREATHE. I'm not here to preach. Merely to sway your perspective, if only a smidge."

Here is what I believe to be true thus far: whenever I "see money" and allow myself to feel joy for that person, the feeling that ensues (after the joy) is that of relief. Yes. I said relief. Because once upon a time I took great issue with "rich folks". I'm pretty sure I got that from my Dad. But that's a whoooole 'nother story for another day. Fact is, my Pops had great rage towards those with "more than enough". And I grew up with that energy. So it's no small surprise that it took me so long to see that his attitude toward "rich people" was pretty much the one I carried with me. I was envious and hateful. I was enraged that such stupid people could be so wealthy. I thought it was unfair. There were so many unpleasant emotions around money. Even when I was making a very good wage, it seemed I never had enough. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

But then something happened. I began to see that these feelings were really not close to a "match" for what I truly do believe money is about. The more I explored this, the better I began to feel. Hence the feeling of 'relief'. I was no longer enraged by their wealth; rather, I began to feel joy for them. I began to see that even very wealthy people have troubles and fears and failings they might prefer to avoid. I could finally understand that it wasn't about luck or brains (or the lack thereof) or talent. It was/is simply a matter of matching energies. Those people figured it out. Sure, some of them may have had a jump on the game by being born into a wealthy family or some such. But for the most part, I truly do believe that you don't have to be born into it. There are millions of examples of folks who made their own way, even coming from the most horrific backgrounds. The first example is, of course, Miss Oprah. You don't have to like her. But she is a great example of how someone can come from "nothing" and make a grand life for themselves. 

{Second aside: time to take another breath. Leave your feelings toward Oprah out of it. BREATHE.}

One of the very best (and funnest) practices I now employ is to rejoice the wealth right to the person living it. When I see a super cool car (that I know cost a small fortune), I honk my horn and give them a big thumbs up. If I see someone wearing something especially beautiful, I take the time to compliment them. Whenever or wherever I am, when I am met with "wealth", I appreciate it. And I always, ALWAYS feel good doing it. It wasn't authentic at first. I kinda faked my way to those feelings. But now, after practicing for so long, those feelings are authentic. I really do appreciate their success. And here's the best part:

Even though I've not yet had a huge surge of money flow into my own life, I am far less anxious about it (money, that is), giving way to feeling better in general. Because I'm not stressing about it, my body is responding in a most positive way. So is my head. I find more things to appreciate and hardly ever notice those things that would have annoyed me before. I also find that when I am in dire need, somehow or other that money shows up. Sometimes it comes from friends or family. Sometimes it comes by way of a small job or service I provide. Sometimes it comes in the form of not having to pay for what I am in need of at that particular moment. No matter how it comes, it always does. The more I practice, the better it works. All because I shifted my feelings about money and those who have tons of it.

I don't yet know where it's going to come from. But I do know this: somewhere in this vast Universe there is a ginormous pile of money with my name on it. The day is coming when I will have more than I could ever spend. And when that day arrives, I will know that it was merely a matter of lining up my own energies to such perfection that there was no way that money could not come. 

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...."

{Last aside: don't be a hater. I know he was talking about peace. It just so happens it fits here too.}

On an ending note: if you're still holding a grudge against those who have more than you think is fair, perhaps you might like to adjust your perspective just a little bit. Perhaps you might fake your way to feeling joy for their success. Perhaps, one day sooner than you thought possible, your pile of money will make its way to you. And then you will see that it was, in truth, simply a matter of (your) ENERGY.

And then, you can roll around in it and rejoice in your own lavishly ridiculous way.

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