Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Peeping Moon and Euphonious Frogs

That crazy moon is peeking through the trees right outside my window. The frogs that sing in the man-made pond behind my house are singing euphoniously. Until someone walks by. Then, instantly and all together, they stop. They are so loud that when they stop it sounds like that deathly still you only see in the movies. Very dramatic. I love that about them. Best watch-frogs ever.

{Aside #1: the previous paragraph is presented for your visual/audio enjoyment. Also to set the tone for the space in which I am writing. In short: it matters.}

A couple of weeks ago I had the great privilege of joining the marvelous Robin Rice for a little New Year's Day workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to help clarify our intentions for the New Year. One of the seeds she offered was to make clear our intention(s) and then watch for "signs" of the Universe's support. This resonated very deeply with me. Not sure why, but I've learned that knowing why is not nearly as important as that feeling of resonance. Anyway, I jotted this down and then proceeded to build on all the other wonderful seeds she offered us. 

{Aside #2: if you'd like to read more about all that, you can go HERE.}

As you can see (by that post), I called my list "Acts of Beauty and Balance". To date, I have managed to maintain steady, meaningful attention to that list. Among the things I listed was to really pay attention to what the Universe was offering. Really, REALLY pay attention. And while I have done this quite regularly over the past several years, I have not always been as acutely aware of those messages as I am right now. Whether or not it is because of my devotion or simply a matter of having honed that particular skill is neither known nor relevant. The point is that the Universe does, indeed, offer up all kinds of fun (and often eerie) signs of our team work if one is paying close attention. And there are few things that get me as excited as when those signs show up. Here's what I mean:

Yesterday I got the idea that it might be fun to have my hair colored like a peacock's feathers. As you may know (if you DO read this blog with any regularity), there is a peacock that I have named Pavo (short for "il paveno", which is the Italian word for "peacock") that lives here on the property. Each year as he molts, his feathers are scattered all around my little home. Needless to say, I have quite a collection of feathers. And the colors never cease to amaze. So...I was thinking that it would be fun to do this and spent a little time perusing the internet for photos to send to my stylist. I got pretty darned excited about the whole idea, thinking "with all this white, those colors are going to be BRILLIANT!" 

{see what I mean about "white"?}...

{now...imagine these colors, sans the crazy lashes, on that white hair.}

{Fun, yes?!}

A short while later I walked into Trader Joe's for some supplies. The very first person I saw was an employee with a Peacock Doo! I kid you not, I nearly fell over! I was so shocked I just stood and stared at her. The stare must have been pretty intense because she turned and asked, "Are you okay? Is there anything I can help you with?" I shared my idea and how I'd spent time searching for photos just an hour earlier. She replied, "Don't you just LOVE when the Universe supports you?"

Okay. Honest-to-PETE! I am not making this up! It really happened. Just like that. She used those words. Exactly. Made me want to weep with Joy. I didn't weep. But I did ask if I could give her a hug. And then did. It just made my whole flippin' day. 

So why all this fuss over a woman with Peacock colored hair? Back to the top. I was watching for signs. I had invested a great deal of energy into this sillyfun idea. And the Universe apparently saw fit to show me that it is, in fact, paying attention too. 

How can that NOT be enough to make a person weep with Joy?!

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