Thursday, January 9, 2014


One of my very favorite things in the whole wide Universe, besides my Sophie

and my BruzerAngel

and that crazy peacock who lives here

are the magickal moments of synchronicity that happen when you're least expecting them. I just LOVE when that happens!

If you read yesterday's post ("Work. UGH.") you already know that from where I sit, the mention of "work" elicits less-than-happy thoughts for the vast majority of folks. Except for that rare breed who actually love what they do. Now, I'll be perfectly honest here: I don't know all that many. But, happily for me, I do know a handful of people who actually like getting up in the morning to go to work. They are among the happiest people I know precisely because of this. They love to work. And so, in their minds, they never do. Because to them, work isn't work at all. I feel the same about the whole writing thing. I love to write. Especially when I know it might help somebody. The little comments folks send me make me so happy. That is what "work" is supposed to feel like. If you ask me. 'Course you didn't ask me. But you're here, so I'll presume you enjoy reading these meanderings. Or maybe you just come here to feel better. Or take a break from your job. Or maybe you read them because they make you feel so much better about your writing because you think I'm really crappy at it. Whatever. I love to write and I do it pretty much daily. 

Except on football days. 

So...back to the synchronicity thing...

Met a man today who truly does love his work. It was so wonderfully refreshing to hear him talk about it. You could see it on his face. And his whole countenance. This was a happy man. Here's the really weird part (to me, anyway): he's a DENTIST. Can you imagine? Well of course you can. Dentists go through a lot of schooling before they get to be dentists, so I'm guessing they'd have to have some kind of love for it, right? Thing is, I've only ever met one other dentist who truly loved being a dentist. As it turns out, he was my dentist. He just retired. (BIG GIANT WAHHHH!) The man I met today is the dentist that shared offices with my dentist. So I suppose it's not a huge surprise that he, too, loves being a dentist. (Do you think I've used the word "dentist" enough yet?) Turns out the two of them became fast friends when The New Dentist met My Dentist about seven years ago. They thought it'd be a good fit. So the dual-practice was born. I'll tell you, I've never been more relieved. I mean, My Dentist was really an unusual breed. He was gentle and flexible and very funny. So is The New Dentist. Which is good. Because going to the dentist is not at the top of my list of fun things to do. 

Anyway, the whole point here is that just yesterday I wrote about the work thing. Today I met someone who loves his work. But the best part, besides the synchronicity that is, is that he will have an impact on my life. So the fact that he loves his work matters to me as much as it does to him. Which is just one more reason why I believe folks should do what they love. We all have an impact, no matter what we do. Seems to me it'd be even more wonderful if the impact was a positive one. Don't you?

As I walked to my truck, I let out a very large sigh. All I could think was,

"I live such a charmed life."

And that, my friends, is all I have to say about that.

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