Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moments of Silence

Today was a Powerful day. In so many ways. Powerful energy. Powerful inspirations. Powerful emotions.

Today was a Powerful day.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that much of that Power was my own. This, in itself, is worth sharing. But I shan't. Not right now. Not because I'm being coy or attempting a cliff-hanger. Nothing like that. It is more about the silence that must be honored after such a Powerful day.

{Do you think I've said "powerful" enough yet? Just checking your sense of humor. Still intact, I hope.}

Instead I'm going to offer this and leave you to your own silence.

It seems crystalline clear to me, at this moment, that days such as these are always, always a result of great silence (on my part). Silence is not always easy for me. I'm a talker. I talk to my dog all day long. She seems quite interested. I talk to my Self. Sometimes She seems interested. I talk to the Great Creator. It is always interested. I talk to friends too. Jury is out on them. And, of course, writing is a form of talking. At least in my world it is. So...silence is not always easy.

But I have come to appreciate silence. I have come to love the moments when I am able to be disciplined enough to be silent. And, as I said, those days of Power are always a result of my own silence. So, here is my offering:

If you are not accustomed to silence, is it because it makes you uncomfortable?
If you find it difficult to be silent, is it because it frightens you?
Does it make you feel too alone?
Or lonely?
Do you think that silence is over-rated?

I ask these questions so that you might take some moments of your own to investigate. Because in silence there is Power. And that Power is the Voice of Spirit. Spirit's Voice is quite unlike the voices we use as Humans. The Voice of Spirit IS Silence. This is when we hear the most Powerful messages of all.

So perhaps, if you feel as if  you have no Power, or that it evades you when you most need it, you might like to consider a day of silence. Or even just an hour. You might be delighted at the Voice you will hear.

Silence first.
Then Power.... in the form of a whisper (maybe)
And then
Silence to honor the Power that was there all along.

Just sayin'.

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