Friday, October 18, 2013

So I've been thinking about all the kinds of ways to think. Yep. You read it right. See, what I'm thinking is that if we paid a little more attention to what we're thinking and how we're thinking it, we might do a much better job of the whole living thing. Because in the words of my favorite guru: "thoughts become things". So....if you would just stop for a minute and....think ~~~

There's positive thinking and negative thinking. Right brain, left brain, no brain thinking. Inspired thinking, independent thinking, stinkin' thinkin' (can you say "12 Step Program"?), lateral, powerful, critical thinking. You've got your fast thinkers, slow thinkers, big thinkers, and free thinkers. Let's not forget deep thinking, big thinking, smart thinking and lateral thinking. Did I mention creative thinking?

Of course...there is The Thinker...(actually, I think it's called "The Thinking Man"; but I could be wrong in my thinking....)

and thinking caps...

and who could forget the thinking cats?

we can think outside the box

wonder what everyone else is thinking...

or just not be able to STOP....

We can think that we can, think that we can't (and be right, either way), or think that thinking is wayyyy over-rated. But lest ye forget, I'm here to remind you that somewhere, someone is thinking of YOU...and sending you love just because you're on the planet.

I almost forgot about

I love her, I really do. She can SING. But really????

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