Friday, November 9, 2012

The "Trick" to Meditation

Meditation is said to be one of the oldest and most effective ways to a life of health, peace, joy. "Sit and be still.", they say. "Sit and go that place where your Inner Being resides. Listen to the whispers of your Source. It is there you will hear the voices that will lead you to your Bliss."

Oh, but if only it were that easy. I'm not saying it's complicated; it is not. It's as simple as making a peanut butter sandwich. The challenge, it would seem, is getting to the quiet part. At least for this Blossoming Being it is. You see, my brain seems to work overtime. Non-stop. Constant jibber jabber goin' on all day and all night and even when I sleep. I'm talking the consummate Busy Body.

Gee. What a surprise.

So, for the past several years (yes. I said years!) I have been diligently sitting, nearly every day, with my headphones on and the phone turned off. The curtains drawn and the doors locked. I even made a sign for my front door that reads: Meditation in progress. Come back later.

I am happy to announce that my neighbors honor the sign and do, in fact, come back later. I am not usually interrupted as I sit comfortably with headphones on and proper music softly drifting into my ears, focused on my breathing and whatever mantra I have chosen for said meditation. Even the dog doesn't bug me. He seems to know this is 'Mom's quiet time' and snuggles in til I'm done.

Bless his curly little heart.

Anyway, for all the time I've been doing this, you'd think I'd have gotten the hang of it by now. Right?


Still the chatter continues. Still my mind drifts to a million places.

Did I turn the burner off?

Did I feed the dog yet?

How come there's no eyes on that potato?

Where in the world is Katmandu?

Does Keith Urban wear steel-toed boots?

How many strings on a harp?

Does Oprah bring her dogs to Maui?

Does the President wear Nikes?

I'm tellin''s enough to drive a girl out of her mind.

Or maybe....

That is precisely the noise I'm going to hear until I have stopped trying to not hear the noise. Perhaps the whole "trick" here is to stop fighting whatever it is that is the Me That I Really Am and let the chatter continue until...I just don't hear it anymore.

For what it's does make me feel calmer. And happy. Even if I haven't yet found that Quiet Place Where Source Lives, I'm still happy to do it. And maybe one the not-so-distant-future...I'll find myself in that very place.

Gee. Wonder if I'll find my Mind there too?

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