Thursday, November 8, 2012

a new season

As the days grow shorter and the weather begins its magical transformation, I am in awe of the many things around me that inspire deeper appreciation. The colors of trees, the crisp of air, the crunch of ground, the many critters scurrying about in preparation for the coming months' supplies. Even Paul has changed his patterns. His feathers have been gathered by those of us who have the privilege of his gifts. His calls nearly silenced as he, too, prepares for a new season. One can sense the changes, even before they are visible to the eye. It is the grand and glorious working of a Force too vast to understand.

But who'd really want to?

The whole idea is to live it. Not understand. Not forecast. Not worry or fear or dread what is to come. Simply to live it. EnJOY it. Marvel at the wonders of a planet so marvelously abundant, even with all the doom and gloom we are often force-fed. Worry not, my friends. She can manage her affairs, even if it means wiping out entire communities with the power of Her storms. Oh yes. Do not doubt for a moment that She can and WILL manage her affairs. She is a force to be reckoned with, She is a treasure of magic. She asks us to be mindful, to honor Her and each other, to take what we need and give back what we don't. She is merely reflecting how we live. A grand mirror of our own psyche. The Ultimate Expression of Self.

I am always a bit giddy when Autumn arrives. Even here, in the warmer climes of our great nation, the weather changes to remind us that it is nearing our time to rest. It is time for us to hunker down and replenish our stores. It is time to allow the healings that we have long awaited. Nothing is more important than to heed Her voice now. It is time.

And so, on this cold, rainy day, I sit watching the trees sway, wondering where Paul has found shelter, wondering how my life could be so blessed. I sit thinking of all those who have weathered the great storm on the East Coast and pray for their well-being. I thank the heavens for all that I have. I smile as I listen to the little snores of a curly dog who loves me right back.

All is right in my world.

Wishing YOU the best of days, the warmest of nights, the largest of love ~

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