Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hidden Gifts ~

It's such a surprise to realize just how much my Life has changed since we moved to our splendid new home. I am actually participating in my Life. Moving about, walking thrice daily, tending to the gardens. Watching the corn and tomatoes and blackberries grow, I realize too just how much more I am being nourished. The sounds and sights and smells of this place all fill me up, as much as the food that graces my plate, fresh from the garden. It is as if I have begun anew. And so I have.

Pavo, the spectacular peacock that lives on the property, has become accustomed to us now. Every morning he comes down from his perch high atop the tree outside my door, and does his funny little twirly dance; 'round and 'round he spins, shaking his feathers and singing his song. He has even stopped charging Bruzer, who seems completely unfazed by Pavo's antics. Such a magical exchange to watch. It is as if they have both decided that there is no reason whatsoever for any sort of discord. Let's just all BE, shall we?

And then there are the other creatures. The llamas and hawks and coyotes, the rabbits and quail and the puppies next door. So many creatures with so many gifts. Yes, even the coyotes have value in my world. Because if not for coyotes, there would be no crop. The coyotes keep the rabbit population in check. Of course, they also wreak havoc on cats and small dogs. But you know, they were here first. We have taken over so much of their space. What other choice do they have? But I digress.....

It would be ridiculous to stay indoors with all this going on outside. Corn is growing alongside tomatoes and squash. Roses and berries and grapes galore. Wind chimes in every direction, all with their own distinct music. Waterfalls and brilliant orioles, palm fronds rustling and swaying in the breeze that seems ever-present, up here on this mountain. How, then, could I sit indoors? Why would I forgo this magic?

With all of it comes yet another gift. That of a peace I have never known before. A kind of serenity that I'd only ever read about. A sweet and gentle calm; all so new to me. All so very welcome. I have found a place to call Home, surrounded by Beings who call me friend. I am, for the first time in decades, Home again.

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