Monday, June 4, 2012


It is a strange and marvelous thing when the many synchronicities show up all day long...for days on end. Like when you finally bake that chocolate cake exactly how you imagined it (after lord knows how many attempts!) or how that book you've had on your Wish List shows up in your mailbox (and you have no idea HOW it got there) or when that friend you haven't seen in years suddenly calls and asks, "so how far up the road ARE you?" WHUT????????

I love that stuff. I love the little prizes and giggles and funny little dances that inevitably ensue. Makes Life oh-s-much-mo-FUN, eh? fun as the fun is, it's (almost) even more wonderful that what follows is...CONFIDENCE. Confidence in your Self. Confidence in the Universe. (What? You mean to tell me you've never lost confidence in the Universe? Come on. Tell the truth!) Confidence in what you've been doing for all this time...and seeing it actually work. That is some cool stuff indeed.

For as long as I've been practicing (that sure is a funny way of putting it, huh?) my current Life Philosophies (even funnier), it still tickles me that I get so freakin' excited when what I expect to happen, happens. When what I know in my gut is real and true and my creation shows up for my eyes to see and my fingers to touch and my nose to smell...well, it just doesn't get much better than that.

Living one's Truths can be, at the very least, challenging. It can also be as daunting as crawling into a dark, dank cave without a headlamp. Or trusting someone not to put something disgusting in your mouth after they've said, "Close your eyes and open your mouth." Ever done that? Talk about trust. GEEZ. Anyway, the point here is that living one's Truths really can be a fright sometimes, but in the end, it's always worth it. ALWAYS. Because there is no thrill greater than seeing what you believe, NAY...what you KNOW, come to fore and be lived. It is, in my personal experience, one of the best confirmations of ....


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