Thursday, May 10, 2012

conversations with WHO???

A long, long time ago, someone suggested I read "Conversations With God". I remember bristling the moment she said it; I was not in a place where I could even remotely think about reading anything good from a book with such a title. Had my issues; which were a LOT. About the whole God thing. About how anyone could have a conversation, let alone write about it. About all the malarkey surrounding anything to do with god, religion, tenets, etc. I was, for lack of better wording, completely NOT open.

That was then. This is now. And as it turns out, someone else I respect and admire suggested this book to me (again!). This time, I was ready. This time I felt no angst about any of the above "topics". No resistance, no cynicism, no ruffling of feathers. Just wide open to possibilities...and something to read in the comfort of my hammock.

Got the book from the library and commenced to reading on what can only be called a perfect day. Just the right temperature, wind, vibe and, of course, the company of the Mighty Bruzer.....

Now, before I go any further, let me just say that I am not attempting to get you to read this book. I am simply offering the feelings that have risen up since I began the read. I know how testy some of us can get when anything "god" comes up. Folks are usually none too happy to have their beliefs challenged. So...this is not a suggestion. Got it? Good.

So then...back to the experience....

I'm not finished yet. Only about half way through. Yet, just thinking about it makes me want to grab my water bottle and head out to the hammock to read some more. That's how fun it is. Yes. I said FUN. It is one of the most wonderful, amusing, even funny, books I've read in a long while. God (for the sake of distinguishing who is who in the context of conversation) has a terrific sense of humor. (I always thought It would. After all, if you're God, and you know everything, you'd have to have a sense of humor, right?) Some of the passages are so funny they made me crack up. Had to put the book down so I could get my little snorts out. No kidding. And not just funny; also quite the wise guy. As in New York style sarcastic. Poor Neale (Donald Walsh). If he was, in fact, having this miraculous experience whereby God was moving his pen, I'm guessing he was probably having quite a time trying to keep going. I mean, it's bad enough you're writing this stuff and claiming it is God talking. Then to have such snappy comebacks coming out of "God's mouth"? I can only imagine what that poor man must have been going through. Bless his beautiful heart!

Anyway, the book has been a pure delight so far. I am only taking time out from reading so I can digest some of what I just read...and also to report in to my beautiful Peeps who may check in to my Blog. I really mostly just wanted to tell you that the book has made me feel a million times lighter. And I'm laughing a million times more than I have been lately. And...everything around me seems to be bursting with possibility. How can any of that be a "bad" thing?


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