Friday, May 4, 2012

In the blink of an eye...

You know how people are always saying, "Everything can change in an instant!"? Yep. Yep. Just like that...everything can change. And I'm wondering if right now, as you read this, you're thinking "Uh-oh. Wonder what happened." OR are you thinking, "OH GOODIE! More fun stuff....!!!"

Here's the thing: sometimes when we hear someone saying this (about changing in an instant, that is) they go on to tell us about some tragic thing that happened to their neighbor or brother or the waitress at Moe's Diner and they end the whole thing with, "See? Everything can change in an instant. That poor girl never saw it coming. One minute she's planning her wedding, the next she's planning his funeral. How terrible for her." Like the other day when I switched on the TV and was immediately met with one of those "HEADLINE NEWS UPDATE!!! Junior Seau has been found dead from an apparent suicide. Details after this message from your local station."

WHUT THE...???

First of all, those of you who come here often know that I do NOT watch the news. Or read it. Or listen to it. {If you want to know why, you'll have to go back in the archives. No apologies here. Just sayin'...} So when I was smacked in the face with this 'news', I immediately blurted "SHIT!" {That was pretty much the extent of my verbage.} I was shocked, to be sure. Being a long-time Chargers fan, and having met the man in person, it truly was shocking to hear that he was dead. HOWEVER...I am also well aware of how much the media likes to sensationalize such tragedies. So I switched off the TV pronto and went outside to send the man some love. Bless his too-young-to-go-yet heart.

But that's now what this is about. What I'm getting at here is that all too often when we hear about how fast things can change, it is not with eager anticipation that we ponder said changes. Typically, for most folks anyway, it is with dread and fear. We think of every horrible thing that could happen and then hope it doesn't.

WHUT??? Why do we do this? Where did this come from? How'd we get so danged cynical?

I'll tell you how: the daggblasted news media, that's how. They do it and then the people who watch do it. And then the people they tell do it. And round and round and round it goes.

TRIPLE ICK! 'bout we fix that? How 'bout from now on when we think about "how things can change in an instant", we get all excited and clap our hands and do a little jig and throw up our arms and holler YAHOOOOOOOOO! Because this Blossoming Being is right tired of all the doom and gloom. I say, have a party because IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, YOUR WHOLE WORLD CAN CHANGE. And that, my friends, is GREAT NEWS!

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