Sunday, July 15, 2012


It absolutely positively cannot be true. It cannot be that an entire month has passed. How can that be???

I suppose even now it seems ridiculous that this blog still lives; the strangest thing to me is that people come over and read, even when I've taken these mysterious sabbaticals. Mysterious to me, that is. Because it really is a freakin' mystery that so much time has elapsed. I just don't understand.

Could it be that I've been hijacked by OWBs? [Other Worldly Beings; I do not like the word "aliens". Seems so cliche, doncha think?] Maybe I ran into those Men In Black dudes and saw some stuff I wasn't supposed to see and they zapped me with their memory eraser gadget. Or maybe I fell into a coma but was still able to function well enough that no one, including meself, even knew I was in said coma. Or maybe...

Oh BROTHER. Enough already.

Maybe I'm just an easily distracted Being whose blossoming has been retarded for a time in order to facilitate some new growth spurt that seemed to be essential to further blossoming.

I think I'll go with that one.

Here's the thing: all too often, it seems, we have a tendency to be pretty harsh in our own judgments. We beat ourselves up for all manner of what we consider to be "failings", thrashing about in that ugly pool of blame. To what end? What purpose do we serve {to ourselves} when we do such things? Why do we insist on casting blame in the first place? What of this "judgment"? Why? Why? Why?

Maybe we think that in the absence of some parental figure we must do the spanking ourselves. Maybe it's that whole bit of nonsense about idle hands being the devil's playground. WHUT? Who, pray tell, is this devil? And if there were such a character, are we not children of the god? Are we not strong and loving and beautiful, as is this god we are supposedly fashioned from? If so, how then is this devil able to find any cooperation from us?

Hogwash. The whole story is a bunch of Hooey.

There is no devil that makes play through my hands. Nor is there a god that will punish me for my so-called failings. Because, after all, if we are indeed fashioned in "his" likeness, then we are also just as perfect as that. Otherwise the whole bit about being "children of god" is a bigger bunch of hooey than that stupid devil story.

I'm thinking that we are all precisely where we are meant to be, right here, right now in this moment. I'm thinking that any and all judgments we cast upon ourselves are merely moments when we have forgotten just how Divine we really are. I'm thinking that were we to remember just how divine The Divine is, we would never, ever, ever cast judgment upon ourselves or anyone else. We would simply BE. We would love (and embrace and celebrate!) every single step on the journeys we have chosen. Without blame, without regret, without even a moment of doubt. We would clap our pretty little hands and make a joyful noise, knowing that it is a path of our choosing and nothing matters more than to enJOY the whole trip.

So much for OWBs.

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