Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leave it alone!

Don't you find it funny how people will scratch and fight and beg and scream and carry on like crazies in the name of "want", and then, when they actually get whatever it is they're wanting, all they can do is talk about all the ick that was before this happened? Don't you find that just a little bit nutso?

I do. I think it's about the craziest thing we can do to ourselves. Just go on and on about how it was and not pay a smidgen of appreciation for how it is. NOW. Not yesterday or last week or a month ago. RIGHT NOW. You asked and you got what you wanted. So why are ya still talking about that old shit?

This commentary comes on the heels of several major changes made by myself and a few other very wonderful people I know. My change was all about moving. Something I've wanted to do for well over a year. When I finally made it happen, I was over-the-top-thrilled. And I still am. It's only been two weeks, but I can tell ya, they have been two of the happiest weeks I've spent in a very long time. Am I talking about the why's and how's and the rest of the Ick that prompted the move? Absolutely NOT. I don't want to live any of that crap for even one more second. Which was my motivation to begin with. The moment I put that last box in my truck and drove away, I was D-O-N-E. With a grin on my mugg and a giant YEEEEEHAWWWWW!, I drove down the road and never looked back. The few people who have asked about "why" have been shut down lickety-split. The rest already knew why...and were cheering for me the whole way. this new place with all the splendid new energies...that other place seems a million miles away. Life is GRAND, doncha think?

And then there are the others I mentioned...those who were also wanting and wanting and then...grabbed what they wanted. Do you think they are talking about the "before"? Hell no! They are so focused on their triumphs that they, too, are completely oblivious to their prior "ick". Tossed that out the window as they slid seamlessly into their "new" spaces. Celebrations abound. And all those involved are doing the Happy Dance for having realized those dreams. Not a second is wasted on what "was". Not one single nano-second!

So I offer this up to you now: ask for what you want. Stay focused only on that; whatever it is. Stop fretting over the "how's" and "why's" and just keep the image of your dream in your mind. Let the Universe take care of the details. Your job is to identify your desire and then GET OUT OF THE WAY! Once you've met that desire, leave the rest behind. Just LEAVE IT ALONE! It is no longer a part of your Now. So why you wanna keep bringing it up?

See what I mean?


Merry ME said...

Well, that pretty much tells it like it is (or should be).
Leave it alone! Pretty sound advice! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i absolutly adore you Camille. ANA PAULA