Monday, March 12, 2012

new time, new place

I have often wondered why we are so averse to change. Most folks avoid it like the plague. Those who are not so adamantly 'anti', will approach it with equal measures of optimism and trepidation. And then there are the rare few who embrace change as one might embrace the changing seasons; ever eager for what they have not yet experienced.

Once upon a time, I was among the latter. I wondered this great country with wild abandon, always looking for new adventures, always certain of my abilities to adapt. I roamed like the bison, smelling and tasting and laughing my way into the wild unknown. And then...something happened. Not sure what, exactly, but something. Something that changed my perspective just the least little bit. Something that made me less sure of my adaptability. Something that put me into the second category: equal measures of optimism and trepidation.

It is a wondrous thing to finally see how one's perspectives, and subsequently approaches, have changed without one's awareness of said changes. Like one day you were "this way" and the next day you're "that way". It's freakin' weird! But once seen, it is a fairly simple process to choose which way to go next. Doesn't take much to tweak. Nor is it a painful process. It is simply a matter of saying to one's self, "Okee dokee. This is where I am now. Where do I want to go next and how would I prefer to make that move?" And then, VOILA! Choose and GO. Yep. It really is that simple.

That is not to say it is easy. Because for some folks, it can be a paralyzing choice. For some folks, it is as if they were choosing life or death. That's how complicated they make it. Which is really too bad. Because if one approached change as a child approaches new adventures, everybody would enjoy the hell out of it. So it makes me wonder: why do we make such a big deal about change, when change is as essential as breathing?

Whaddya think?

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