Monday, December 5, 2011

Truly Splendid Gifts

Here we are again...nearing the end of another trip around the sun. Snow is falling, air is frosty, and the scurrying has begun for those special gifts for your special people. For some, it's a happy endeavor. For others, not so much. Personally I find the whole hunt a magical adventure; but then, I feel that way about most things. I like the idea of "hunting" for the perfect gifts...and more and more I find that I am most excited when I find things that are handmade, unusual, and best of all, one of a kinds. There are lots of options out there, folks. And lots of them can be gotten from the comfort of your home! What's not to like about THAT?

So then....on behalf of all the artists, artisans, cottage industries, local crafters, and Mom 'n' Pop shops....PLEASE REMEMBER TO....

Also, Alba Nelly Urbina, of Urbina Designs and Moxie Metal fame, has some incredible stuff up and ready for you for this holiday season. If you go to her Etsy store (Moxie Metal) and type in the code: MoxieCam at checkout, you will receive a 10% discount.

Some other favorite spots to shop online are:





Just tell 'em Camille sent ya!
Happy Hunting!

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